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Which of the following would best describe your role?

For Travel Agents  who provide 
Private Service
Corporate Services
In-House Travel Coordination
as well as Consortia and Other Networks Thereof
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Executive Luxury with Dignitary Discretion
Executive Sovereignty Upgrade by Dignitary Discretion
Signature by Dignitary Discretion
Rabbit Hole Refuge by Dignitary Discretion
Enduring Executive by Dignitary Discretion
Business Catalysts
Your Ultimate Resource for Complicated Preferences Surpassing the Capabilities of Customary Hospitality
Special Access with Personal Service
Priority Availability Please disregard any automated results of no availability. We primarily serve private clients of our associated legal services.
Our dignitary-style paradigm involves always maintaining contingency resources.
Lower Rates Than anything Online or via the GDS We are not structured for mainstream travelers
who are adequately served by mass-market hotels.
Simply Contact a Concierge On Duty 24 Hours Phone • E-Mail
20% for You
Plus Unique Incentives
Clients Permanently Attributed to You for Direct Reservations

Good People with Executive Complications

Niches who are Inherently Difficult to Identify

Do any of the following descriptions possibly pertain to a client of yours?

If so, you have the opportunity to offer a unique resource.


Fulfilling Important Needs

Serious Complexities

Not Fulfilled by Pretty Lobbies

For most members of our core markets, there usually is no other congruent lodging in the United States. Our core markets are largely comprised of high-revenue travelers, but most of them gradually have been pushed to OTAs. They usually attempt to find suitable hotels by awkwardly applying loosely correlated criteria in their searches. Despite the often-generous budgets of their investment banks, defense contractor handlers, and celebrity managers, most members of our core markets are relegated to awkward convolutions and porous compromises. Our honed specialties can provide deftly congruent solutions.

Our markets are primarily comprised of business travelers who receive a positive ROI on rates that are based on our significantly higher costs. Security/visibility sensitivities from their professional and/or prominent statures often then extend to personal vacations—impeding the ability for couples to be romantically relaxed, for example. Some four-star and five-star travelers who have specialty business complexities, security concerns, or news-worthy statures regard us as providing honed solutions.


Positioning Yourself as an Irreplaceable TA

Your Ultimate Resource for Complex Special Requests

 Business   Medical   Security 

Uniquely Versatile Sophistication
 beyond the  Customary Capabilities of Hospitality
Providing a Pivotally Important Resource Not Merely another Place to Sleep


Respect for You  and  Your Relationships

Luxury ADRs

Ultra All-Inclusive

The combination of ADRs and extended lengths of stay can be a significant source of revenues for travel agencies focused on investment bankers, senior executives of growing companies, and managers of investment funds.



Resourceful Solutions Beyond the Limitations of OTA Automation
Exceptionally Sophisticated Customization Empowering You to Demonstrate your Problem-Solver Resourcefulness
to High-Budget Clients who Have Requests that Nobody Else Fulfills
Lower Rates and Greater Availability Than anything Online or via the GDS

Sensitive Executive Complexities Surpassing the Customary Capabilities of Hospitality and Conferences


Complex Disabilities  and  Medical Needs Private Executive Services and Hospitality
 Coordinated with  Licensed Healthcare


Pristinely Secure

More Examples of the Superlative Protections of
Your Health and Security As Manifested with Housekeeping
Individualization • Based on packages of the Executive Collection • Other Conditions

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Restful Sleep

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Empowering You to Benefit Your Clients


We do not provide legal advice or guarantees of compliance. Within parameters that we regard as lawful, prudent, and secure, we endeavor to fulfill your instructions.
Specialties for Niches
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