Dignitary Discretion

Coordination with Attorneys

We encourage coordination with legal counsel, and we invite attorney protocols.
In general, the usual intention is for countersurveillance-related coordination.

Tirelessly Dutiful Contracting
Attorney Support

Welcoming Discussions for Acceptances of Responsibility Fiduciary Duty of Care  and  Diligence for Privileged Information

Via your preference of a secondary client engagement (akin to co-defense), and/or subcontractor arrangement, we generally would welcome confidentiality and fiduciary agreements as a legal-services contractor, including relevant adherence to your directives and indemnity.  We would simultaneously expect to present an agreement to your client that is satisfactory to you, releasing you and accepting personal responsibility by our relevant principal.

Arm's Length Services
Contracted by Your Client

Peace-of-Mind Professionalism Dutiful Faithfulness to Your Expertise

We would welcome the opportunity to devote ourselves to serving your client's needs, while appreciatively and dependably showing respect for you in fortifying your relationship with your client.

We would endeavor to comply with your expertise with versatility and flexibility, and to be carefully inspired if you prefer hands-off leadership. We welcome the opportunity to be presented with binding acknowledgments for the protection of both attorney and client.

We welcome your protocols for fees via trust accounts.

Valuable Synergy with Transactional Attorneys
Corporate and Securities
Tax, Banking, and Asset Protection
Introductions by Us to Counsel
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Any introductions of our clients to counsel are incidental to our primary services.
We do not receive any form of compensation for such introductions.