Your Custom Resource for Rightful Solace and Executive Triumphs

Dignitary Discretion

Distinct Packages of Services

The primary services and effective accommodation features
of each respective type package are maintained consistently, regardless of the location.

Array of Specialties
Each package varies widely in services and accommodations from the other packages. Services, facilities, and features are primarily based on the package type, not location.
Corporate Housing
Duration of One Month to One Year The same packages of services as short-term hospitality are custom-enhanced for leases, and rates are lowered.
Executive Luxury by Dignitary Discretion

Custom Specialties

Location Profiles

Most of the package descriptions and benefits apply to all locations chain-wide. Pages for individual locations focus on the local characteristics.

The above references to the facilities and vicinities of each respective location are based on our primary hospitality packages of Executive Luxury and/or Signature.

Amenities, views, vicinities, amenities, and overall quality are reduced in caliber for Rabbit Hole Refuge, and vary in accordance to the respective specialties of other packages.


Only the localized enhancements are detailed on the respective pages of each location.

Although the effective benefits of each respective package remain generally consistent among all locations, there unavoidably are some geographic dependencies. Facilities, supplemental amenities, general types of venues for lodging, and fixed amenities vary based on multiple factors. Please click here for general information about geographic variations.

Each occasion of hospitality is custom. Please contact us, beginning no later than within one day of placing your reservation (and within two hours for services scheduled for the upmcoming week), to begin coordinating in consideration of your priorities.