Compartmentalized Secret OTR Consulting and Conferences
Dignitary Discretion
Business Catalysts by Dignitary Discretion
Off-Book Compartmentalization
Executive Suites with No Credit Check

Countersabotage Counter any subversion efforts. Have the freedom to fortify your foundation to support your rightful success.

Countersurveillance Surveillance is often exploited to create out-of-context denigration. Enable the methods for your triumphant vindication.

Counterespionage Close deals prosperously without worrying about leaks to competitors, secret-leveraging fund consultants, or internal adversaries

Local Class-A Office Building

Serious Private Office

Countersurveillance-Enabled Executive Technology

Office Black Site
Beyond Relevant Military TS Specifications

Achieve breakthrough business progress with comprehensive in-office business services.

Venture Sovereignty Package

  • Be privately chauffeured to a serious class-A office building. You will have exclusive full-time use of a furnished private office.  (Customary class-A building policies apply.)
  • Be productive and secure with limited complimentary use of equipment that surpasses what is readily available commercially. Phone, E-mail, and Internet communications are untraceable and secured with multiple layers of salted encryption (relevant military specifications for TS classification) that change with each instance.  Full-service unlimited technical support by a professional cryptologist/world-class counterintelligence designer is complimentary, who guides you on the security features that you exclusively control.
  • Professional executive support is off-book and loyally confidential. Services include technical, secretarial, financial, presentation, and managerial. Ten hours of services per day are included.
  • Proceed by avoiding corporate politics, competitive sabotage, short-sighted activist investors, and exploitative fund consultants by holding off-book meetings in a boardroom-caliber conference room. Electronic sound cancellation supports your freedom.
Access under Your Control
At your private office, visitors are screened and must be actively approved by you, and cleaners do not enter alone.
Additional Services
The following services are available but separate from the included labor:
  • extensive or professional-grade presentation, non-regulatory financial, or managerial services;
  • anonymous use of a conference room or private business office at a class-A office building; and
  • usage, acquisition, or subscription of confidentiality-enabling technology.

The underlying concept for excluding these tasks is to enable you full flexibility so that you can receive whatever assistance you need, whenever you need it, such as for emergencies that require work around the clock, or only a few minutes a month on a long-term basis.

The daily rate of $1,776 is in addition to any of the following regularly priced types of hospitality, and is based on prepayment at the time of reservation.
  • Signature,
  • Executive Luxury,
  • any Sovereignty package, or
  • Enduring Executive.

Off-Book Meetings

Laissez-Faire Progress

Countersurveillance Sound-Replacement and MILSPEC Teleconferencing

Dignitary Discretion Las Vegas Business Services
Unhindered Communications and Meetings
Collaborate Freely with Real Progress
Overcome Your Counterparts' Inhibitions to Closing Deals

Advanced Assortment of Accouterments

Inspiring Relaxed Confidence of Your Attendees
Anti-Surveillance Sound Cancellation  or  Countersurveillance Sound Replacement
Secured Conference Calls Full Duplex for the Full Table Collaborate Fluidly
Single-Instance Encryption Surpassing Relevant US MILSPEC for TS Communications
Off-Book Transportation of Attendees
To and from the Meeting Countering of Location Exposure
Access under Your Control Entering only after You Call Her  and  Unlock the Conference Room Door
Vivaciously Bestowing a Happily Energized Atmosphere Contributing to a Natural Drive of Impressively Closing Deals
Supplemental Lubrication
Connoisseur-Caliber Cocktails in Elegant Crystal Statesman-Style Undiscussed Placement before Each Seat
Mitigated Legal and Facility Restrictions Provided Incidentally without Fees If questioned by an attendee of a meeting who has been subjected to HR re-education, your mature host will politely reply that he respects the traditions of the proper entertainment of dignitaries.