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Continuously Serving You Protectively Adapting to Violent and Disaster Situations Never an Exception Worldwide during Founders' Half-Century Legacy


We have always offered mission-critical protections for the health of our clients, which were initially based on relevant POTUS and allied visiting-dignitary protocols. For more than a decade, most of our standards for an incoming client (for whom we provide non-emergency, directly administered units), have been based on US EPA-approved and CDC- or NIH-specified sterilization for each microorganism class, pertaining both to client-touching surfaces and to UV-sterilized air. By definition, officially approved sterilizing is the most powerful antiviral category—and we were already far surpassing most CDC advisories that are now in effect.

Enabled via single-client team exclusivity, your preferred protocols are welcomed, no matter how esoteric.

Dignitary-Style Protections Your Health and Safety Adapted and Enhanced for COVID-19
Five-Star-Plus Private Luxury beyond Dedicated Butler Service Pristine Safehouse Comprehensive Business and Personal Facilitation NIH/EPA Sporicidal Sterilization Maintained 24 Hours
Multi-Barrier 24-Hour Perimeter Security Private 24-Hour Team Serves Only You  •  Custom 24-Hour Private Dining
Chambermaids Isolated for Three Weeks before Caring for You
Custom Luxury Annex in Coordination with Healthcare Healthcare Coordination • Complex Disabilities Licensed Private Annex and Care Team Singularly for You Away from the Inevitably Countless Contaminations of
Medical Facilities and Multi-Patient Staff
Persistent EPA Sporicidal Sterilization • NIH Reverse Isolation with Relevant CDC BSL Protections per Your Preferences Coordinated with World-Class Research-Caliber MD Sub-Specialists
Sweetly Caring Nurses Isolated for Prior Three Weeks
Multitudes of Premium Swiss-Originating Contingencies to Avert Shortages
HT Assets LLC is not a medical provider. Personal collaboration and service arrangements must be done at least five days prior to commencement of services unless interim, partial services are privately customized in advance.
Airdrops to Private Island Carefree Offshore Freedom Exquisite Villa on Your Own Private Island with Dedicated Team Caring Chambermaids Isolated for Three Weeks Prior to Serving You
Special Forces HVA Protector with TS Clearance (Ret.)
Comprehensive Home Office with US MILSPEC TS-Caliber Encryption
Redundant Contingencies for Perpetuation of Health, Remote Leadership, and Safety

Your Versatile Resource for
Unknown Contingencies


Multitudes of Critical Resources

Example of Resources of Supplies

Whereas much of society regards the notion of depleting toilet paper as being an intolerable catastrophe, worthy of being at the top of preparedness agendas, we are accustomed to mission-critical protections of dignitaries.  That means having multitudes of resources of reliable redundancies to uphold critical health, high-security communications, clandestine independent transportation, and physical high security.  Multiple unmarked locations are located in various environments, providing for emergency adaptability of locations, and to sustain access to resources regardless of any civil unrest, fire, complications of natural disasters, or other eventualities.

Sub-Example of Respirators

A specific illustration pertains to respirators. Ordinary face masks that are made with paper and rubber bands do not provide coverage of eyes and ears, and there always remain risks of accidental self-exposure from one's hands. Eyes are often cited by infectious-disease specialists as posing greater risks the nose or mouth under many circumstances. In a multinational disaster, as could occur with a pandemic, there are always compounding risks of people who could magnify risks with exposures to poisonous gas, heavy smoke inhalation, weaponized nanotechnologies (especially against high-value targets, such as dignitaries), and modified microorganisms that could pass through the paper.

Therefore, if circumstances relevantly worsen, part of our solution would be to avail you with full-face, SpecOps-caliber respirators. 

Life-sustaining resources must be reliable in their quality. Common sense suggests that rushed, compulsory production by misaligned manufacturers would be problematic. Indeed, war and disaster responses in modern history demonstrate patterns of severe defects. Russian stockpiles of safety equipment from the Cold War exemplify the fallibility of workers who did not specifically seek such occupations, who toil day-after-day at speed-pressured assembly lines. Whereas there routinely are warning indications of defects with cars and other large products, viruses are invisible, and defects with single-occasion failures can be catastrophic. In the US response to coronavirus, General Motors was ordered, under federal compulsion, to have laborers work around-the-clock to produce various types of facial masks—based on simplistic designs, and involving quality uncertainties. As of the time of this writing (a few days following the executive order), we do not know what the defect rate will be, but there inherently are vulnerabilities of any kind of non-redundant, every-penny-counts, disposable supplies that are designed for mass public distribution. At the dignitary/influential-professional level—especially during periods of social volatility (wherein a principal's sustained health is relevant to economic and social sustainability)—there are needs to be protected against the potential for veiled, deniable attacks by sophisticated adversaries. If a client is being targeted, there are many unacceptable characteristics pertaining to the example of the facial masks. Our solution is to use Israeli military-grade, full-facial, dual-input, multi-modal gas masks.

Potentially Greatest Risks Relevant to Our Clients Public/Labor Unrest and Irrational Selfishness

We emphasize that the respirator topic is merely one of countless hypothetical examples. We are not suggesting that our respirator resources would have a high degree of probability in being medically relevant to you. Respirators are easily understood and visualized, but our greatest concerns pertain to other risk factors, especially psychosocial dynamics.

What we are suggesting that nobody can reliably predict the dynamics of many potential variables that are already active:

  • a mutating virus,
  • social unrest,
  • widespread panic,
  • ignorance and poor judgments that solidify in social media, and/or
  • opportunistic power-grabbing officials.
Your Instinctively Protective Loyalists

Our founders have been with world leaders during extraordinary circumstances of which few people can imagine. We know the ruthlessness, infighting, and selfishness that can occur among all ranks of government and society during vacuums of leadership and with panic. Although top leaders receive the most focus in history lessons and news reporters, the modern world of elections and marketing mean that most top officials and top executives ascend to top levels only after many years of earning trust and demonstrating wisdom. The worst dangers usually occur among those who are less personable (and often more selfish), less intelligent (and thus less rational) in middle ranks. Like those US-friendly world leaders for whom US protectors were provided, we would hope that you would have sought our friendship before a crisis, and we would then hope to be able to demonstrate our loyally protective instincts.

Encouraging Special Requests and Welcoming Your Protocols
Discreetly Respectful, No Matter How Esoteric

For any particular needs that you expect to have—especially anything abnormal that critically would apply to you (such as in accommodation of health issues)—please provide as much advance notice as possible, thereby avoiding the costs and compromising mismatches of urgent retrievals by needlessly high-level security contractors.

Free and At-Cost Emergency Supplies

We are not in the business of selling merchandise pertaining to present physical emergencies. Such charges normally are reimbursements of our costs, with no markups or surcharges. Complete packages of protections are applicable only with regularly priced, top-tier packages of the Executive Collection. Exclusions apply to publicly accessible travel sites, due to their use of standardized descriptions. As a function of not being a merchandising business, the inventories and access to emergency supplies are merely intended as goodwill resources of clients; we do not guarantee availability--or warrant the quality--of any items. Because of situational volatility and boutique orientation, we cannot predictively stock a wide assortment of items. As exemplified by gas masks, protective equipment and supplies are generally of extraordinary cost above commercial standards, usually have components that depreciate over time, and often should be specifically sized for each person. Most protections are individually coordinated after a reservation/requisition has been finalized, in accordance with all policies by HT Assets LLC. Even if such items are provided at no additional charge beyond regular fees, the costs of individually purchased equipment and supplies for health or emergencies would be subject to reimbursement in the event of cancellation, regardless of provisions for no-fee cancellations.

Please call for details—and to optimize arrangements in consideration of your priorities.

Benefits, limitations, and scheduling terms apply, varying based on your package of services and reservation specifics, but all arrangements are custom.

Packages of the Executive Collection by Dignitary Discretion Direct personnel and special amenities are required for many provisions of emergency protections. During the COVID-19 pandemic, staff members are pre-isolated and only serve a single client. Therefore, temporarily, only certain packages are available, all of which among the Executive Collection.

Affordability and Protective Transactions

Specially Discounted Rates

Specially discounted rates are enabled for services that begin by any of the following, whichever occurs last.

  • during an official state of emergency that applies to the respective location,
  • before December 18, 2020, or
  • as pre-established on a case-by-case basis.

Additional conditions and limitations apply to specially discounted rates, as introduced by clicking here. Please contact a concierge for details, and to customize your arrangements in consideration of your priorities.

Your Versatile Resources Surpassing the Abilities of Ordinary Commercial Services

Only the localized enhancements are described on the pages of each respective location.

Pristinely Secure

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