Dignitary Discretion

Corporate Invoicing Accounts

Payment and Procedural Conveniences   Corporate Rates
Favorable beyond anything on the Internet or on any Database

We are honored by the opportunity to establish ongoing relationships with relevant entities and professionals, with the following demonstrations of our respect.

  • Deposits requirements are waived.
  • Payments are tentatively deemed to have been successfully cleared upon receipt, thereby enabling urgent services with comparative convenience.
  • Redundancies of security approvals are reduced or removed, except as required by external mandates; for example, services are available in McLean, VA.
  • All publicly available discounts apply, plus special discounts for security-sensitive dates and services.
Handshake is Sufficient
PMC Invoicing

A handshake is sufficient. Protective policies of no NTK.

Quick and Simple Approval Process
For Relevant Niche Markets

Approval and sustained status are dependent on market relevance and prior history with us. The entity, corporate ownership, any referenced principals, and any referenced officers must be 100% based in the US, UK, Israel, and/or allies thereof. Credit checks are generally not required, primarily because basic fees must be prepaid before services commence, albeit on more relaxed terms than for non-invoiced clients.

We are respectful of the sensitivities of businesses that regard confidentiality as central to their existence; therefore, we often would waive our right to request documentation or detailed information from a small business that meets the following criteria:

  • the entity is fully corporate-owned and sophisticatedly structured for professional-caliber privacy;
  • in the business of providing commercial services in a field related to security or other exempted industry; and
  • primarily operational in the McLean/Reston, Vauxhall, or Tel Aviv area.

Please contact us for potentially same-day approval.


Invoicing is only for business services, not routine leisure travel.

Facilitating Your Unhindered Business Progress Versatility without NTK


We do not provide legal advice or guarantees of compliance. Within parameters that we regard as lawful, prudent, and secure, we endeavor to fulfill your instructions.
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