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Dignitary Discretion

We've Got Your Six

We believe in good-faith mutual loyalty and in moral commitments of duty.  We know the harm that can derive from self-protective legal minimalism.  We believe in permanently inexhaustible got-your-six honor. As long as you fulfill the client requirements in good faith, you can depend on our moral stances of actively protective loyalty and confidentiality, regardless of denigration in the news or by adversaries.

Our Greatest Concerns of Human Aggressions

Nobody can dependably predict the dynamics of many potential variables pertaining to COVID-19, each of which has already begun to emerge:

  • a mutating virus,
  • social unrest and disregard for others,
  • widespread panic,
  • ubiquitous risks from people maintaining ignorance, and/or irrationality, and/or
  • power-grabbing subversion.
Your Instinctively Protective Loyalists

Although top leaders receive the most focus in history lessons and news reporters, the modern world of elections and marketing mean that most top officials and top executives ascend to their successes only after many years of earning trust and demonstrating wisdom. The worst dangers usually occur among those who are less personable (and often more selfish), less intelligent (and thus less rational) in middle ranks.

Our founders have been with world leaders during extraordinary circumstances of which few people can comprehend. Only small numbers of professionals have developed the self-control and hard-learned nuances of quietly developing the necessary insulation from, and disabling of, corporate/leadership subversion, particularly via soft diplomacy after charismatically garnering support from the adversaries' colleagues. We know the ruthlessness, infighting, and selfishness that can occur among all ranks of government and society during vacuums of leadership and with panic.

Like those US-friendly world leaders for whom US protectors were provided, we would hope that you would have sought our friendship before a crisis, and we would then hope to be able to demonstrate our loyally protective instincts.


Respect for Genuinely Moral Efforts Not Denigration and Manipulative Legalism

High-profile individuals, executives, and public leaders are prone to mischaracterizations via the Internet, sensationalist reporting, and judicial accusations. Your senior concierge has the sophistication to understand complicated circumstances. Aspects of our professional expertise pertain to focusing on true intel—not hype and false accusations—and to being discrete, with an active protection of protecting the genuine intel by avoiding those public forums.


Most of our clients... are prudently upholding security,
avoiding the opportunistic wolves that can attack during cavalier exposure.

Some of our clients... come to us after they have been denigrated or subverted,
exasperated from mislabeling by the populace.


From Jesus evading the Pharisees,
to persecution from the Gestapo,
through targets of lawsuit manipulators of the present,

peaceful, moral people have occasionally needed the hospitality and support of faithful keepers.

Executives under Risks of Denigration

Inherent to their high-profile status, and the enviousness by others, successful people tend to be disproportionately targeted in unjust lawsuits and other false accusations.

Modern society has become impatient and widely incompetent, with nicely packaged acceptances of determinations of right or wrong based on arbitrary conditions.

Most gradual achievers of self-success have earned their statures via self-sacrificing hard work. lifelong self-challenging to develop expertise, and the respected trust of colleagues.  Simultaneously, a phenomenon of self-irresponsibility and social factors have gradually led to widespread, envious resentment towards prosperous executives.

In modern society, those who do not achieve success are often able to comfort themselves with the defense mechanism that they have somehow not been as "fortunate"— a concept that ironically is propelled by society's achievers as an aspect also of the leadership-contributing virtue of humility. 

Therefore, if an adversary, prosecutor, regulator, or other ostensibly authoritative legalist were to make a deliberately skewed, negligently over-aggressive, or otherwise mistakenly incorrect accusation against a successful person, such accusations tend to be readily accepted by most other people, often leading to an unstoppable avalanche of progressive problems.  The same widespread characteristics in society of cognitive dissonance, apathy, ineptitude, and unearned pursuits of envy often converge to solidify presumptions of misdeeds by prominent people, perpetuating the injustice.

Moreover, particularly among those of professions whose roles depend on earned trust, an undeserved loss of trustworthiness can self-perpetuate into widespread devastation.  Even among close colleagues who know an accused peer to be trustworthy, the concepts of guilt-by-association and the self-protecting efforts by accusers to solidify their cases means that an innocent target can become perceived as toxic within a  profession.

If you are being wrongfully targeted, this is an opportunity to learn from the hard-learned lessons of other executives—who had full-time in-house attorneys and yet still were annihilated from success, largely by critical-mass momentum for which they eventually recognized had no direct means of effective legal recourse.   


Coordination with You


Friendly and Mutual

We would like to help you to level the playing field by enabling you restore some of your rightful abilities for defenses.

Being instinctively protective, the senior concierge's support for each client is personally ingrained. There is no way to be deeply and creatively thoughtful, to personally sacrificial extents, without having steadfast care. When you see us offering our kindness, you are receiving genuine expressions of friendship. Financial motivations could not motivate us sufficiently to have absolute and permanent loyalty. We feel each sustained client is a personal, lifelong friend. Even if all compensated services ended a decade ago, we would still be delighted to hear from an old friend, and happy to be helpful in any possible way.

Like Christmas and Hanukkah becoming a "holiday shopping season," the consumer realm has transformed a soul-level sanctity into superficiality that does not extend past barriers of pleasantries, political correctness, and—as exemplified by the eroding slogans of a holiday designated to celebrate the Birth of Jesus—legally self-protective. Most people are able to spend their lives in states of relative convenience, reasonably following uniform commercial codes, without being responsible for navigating self-conflicting ambiguities that affect large numbers of lives and livelihoods. Therefore, for the benefit of those who are relatively new to the intensities of internationally prominent leadership, private equity, and foreign relations, we need to clarify that we are not referencing some kind of a hotel loyalty program that issues pretty membership cards.

Loyalty, to anyone who has earnestly avowed to an oath—and has upheld that oath regardless of risks to one's life or livelihood—would be disheartened to be confused with a membership ID quantified by points that expire after eighteen months.  No, loyalty to us has no relevance to how often you patronize our services.

Clandestine medevac

Reciprocating the concept that duty-of-honor loyalty is not an oscillating variable based on frequency of transactions, loyalty from us is not expressed with consumer-style subservience and elegant service rituals. To the contrary, the tradecraft of counterintelligence and the operations of HVI security are awkward, inconvenient, and must be accepted with flexibility. For example, merely the hospitality aspect of our Enduring Executive service is structured for staffing by retired parajumpers.  (Parajumpers are the epitome of self-endangering, fast-lifesaving heroes—a spec-ops extreme version of paramedics.  In addition to entering battle theaters, contracted retirees are an important resource for foreign paramilitary operations, without referencing or carrying their official US identification: they must trespass and commit severely punishable crimes to hot exfil and then to cas-evac US field officers and contractors.)  That kind of whatever-it-takes, unflinchingly loyal duty is in sharp contrast to the "I'm-not-comfortable-with-that" attitudes of most non-physician, non-military healthcare workers.  A parajumper's dedication is at the hero level of loyalty, but please don't expect him to fluff your pillows. We have other workers for that. If you want aimless subservience, any ordinary five-star hotel will fluff your ego (along with pillows), but that's not the type of dutifully loyal protector who would deftly assert black-bag tradecraft in swiftly evading a high-value individual from surprise duress. Your concierge is your professional handler with countersurveillance expertise and executive business sophistication. This is a realm of temerity far more personal and sophisticated than the diminutive politeness of paid hospitality.

Loyalty is a personal duty of honor.  A hero in a hospital bed knows that a chaplain is faithfully protective of the soldier's embattled soul and legacy, completely disconnected from how often—if ever—that soldier had attended any of the Padre's field chapels.  Conversely, the chaplain does not withhold his accessibility to this continuously lifelong patriot.  For example, if the chaplain were ever to be off-book in-country for the exfil of a captured officer, the chaplain would know that he could depend on the operative's spec-ops skills to be faithfully protective. (Some wonder whether sometimes hypothetical examples are not hypothetical. Please click here for a pithy article by a chaplain.)


Roles and Dialogue

We understand the critically sensitive profession of a dignitary handler.  The following are among the many potential mechanisms for protection.

  • Upon request, we shall suggest a particular attorney with whom we have an established relationship and whom we (as non-lawyers) believe could likely represent you.  The attorney would then be able to contract us for our services on your behalf, potentially extending some relevant aspects of attorney-client privilege.
  • We can talk in abstraction and hypotheticals, if necessary.
  • We can be extremely exotic and creative to accommodate your circumstances.

The countersurveillance expert is customarily contracted as a legal service through the attorney for legal privilege, guarding your secrets.

Please contact us for more information; particularly please ask about the legal framework of our fiduciary services.

Your Senior Concierge

Protective Persona

Our model of personal care and duty is based on a proven structure. A rare persona is suitable to be a handler, and only someone who has proven lifelong consistency can be a senior concierge with us.  A worthy handler is unflaggingly protective and applies honed expertise (at least for what's critically important) in the guidance of the individual(s) who reciprocate with vital faith.

The first set of qualities are relatable to clergy and many other people who endlessly sacrifice their own comfort and security for strangers who join their flock, never saying that some obscure matter of contentment is not their job or, for example, that the requester is no longer a customer. Simultaneously, that protectiveness must be voluntarily maintained wile routinely sending their sheep into situations would both be incomprehensibly complex (with hundreds of simultaneous human and technical variables, one or more of which often at levels beyond what most people ever experience in their lives, or at technical levels of expertise more advanced than any commercially available manual), and overwhelmingly stressful.

The latter quality differentiates your keeper from any other concierge or butler we have ever encountered.  Securing your privacy, your senior concierge is one of those rare people.  Hospitality inevitably involves mishaps and imperfections, especially when depending on contracted services and service-industry workers, but any good person who places faith in his or her senior concierge can depend on reciprocation of endless care, and that sense of protective care means that you should always contact your senior concierge whenever anything is amiss.  There are many traditional hotels that offer responsive convenience and opulent facilities, and we respect them as superior for the standard needs of ordinary travelers.

The sophistication and the unafraid dedication of a senior concierge make us the exclusive resource for niche clients with sophisticated needs.

Ardent Sophistication for You
Accustomed to Protective Discretion

The title of a senior concierge now supplements, as an understandable term to the general public, the lesser recognized titles that would more accurately describe their services of extraordinary sophistication and unbreakable characteristics of protective loyalty: handler and keeper.

Via subsequently revealed demands, dispersed over decades, each professional has proven that he did not acquiesce to extreme combinations of subpoenas, sustained life-threatening intensity, and catastrophic mischaracterizations. Purely out of coincidence, not meeting each other until years later under unrelated contexts, three of us personally had direct confidential access to the same US President. Two of us have been the primary protector and provider of shelter for multiple heads of state (including an eventual US President) on an emergency basis while they were in physical danger. One member of our group directly served two US Presidents to provide lodging and hospitality to them and their respective senior advisors.

You can concentrate primarily on achieving your priorities. We've got your six.

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