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    Unwavering Allegiance with No NTK

    You Control Security and Protocols

    We cordially welcome friendly contractors.  We offer the comfort of knowing that we are morally and patriotically passionate in absolutely refusing cooperation with inapplicable foreign jurisdictions, regardless of potential allegations of related illegalities in a country that is hostile to the US, UK, or Israel.

    From a practical perspective, no staff member would be disrespectfully giddy about asking inappropriate questions. You will never hear some kind of childish reference to any of those ridiculous films about the IC, and you will not be subjected to unsettling curiosities about whether, for example, your company's services or your ambiguous profession has ever involved any diplomatic matters, regulated equipment, or paramilitary-type experiences. 

    We separately explain how our private units dismiss the unsettling hotel practices of housekeepers and others entering rooms without the direct permission of a guest.

  • Antagonistic Nations

    No Service

    Extending to Contractors

    As an absolutely strict condition of ours, we will not assist anyone in PMC subcontracting, intelligence contracting, or official duties who ever conducts a mission in any jurisdiction against the national interests of the US, UK, or Israel. Any insinuation of any request to be of service to anyone who is hostile to the direct, or allied indirect, national interests of the US, UK, or Israel shall result in permanent rejection of services. Decades of harsh times experienced by our management never involved a momentary weakness of loyalty, and absolutely nothing can change that status. Bluntly, you do not want to experience what can happen to someone who is seen as the mortal equivalent of a demon asking for a soul. Yes, we are that serious.

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