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Staff, Security Detail, and Contractors
who Primarily Sleep Elsewhere

There normally is only one principal traveler per suite, but there are routinely three registrants.  Government contractors often must be esoteric in their search requirements, and we gladly accommodate their needs for an additional registered key-holder, with successful results in searches. The three-person characteristic is also often used as a search requirement to indicate sufficient space for extended stays with bulky computer equipment or freight luggage, for which the desks and storage capacities of studio rooms are usually insufficient.  In our market, identifying three people is important in order to provide the requisite spaciousness for an individual who is accompanied by support and/or security personnel, where the principal is peacefully behind a closed bedroom door.

We normally can enable you to choose whether to issue keys to key-holding and/or to register multi-day visitors and staffers beyond those who are sleeping in the unit. With limitations depending on the package type, keys for security and/or support staffers are issued at no additional charge (if requested at least three days in advance of arrival), for the benefit of security and/or support personnel, as long as there are separate accommodations with us or a local permanent residence.

The following benefits are provided to a third registrant per bedroom.

We offer a complimentary third registrant with Signature and Enduring Executive.  Arrangements are especially flexible and broad for Executive Luxury.  Additional fees may apply if you have special occupancy or stationing needs for them. 

Multiple bedrooms beyond what we offer on our Web site are arranged on a custom basis.  Please contact us, and we would be delighted to present you with a planned arrangement.

Supporting your Security

You Generally Sustain Control

Registration does not enable permission to incur charges on your behalf, to release information about your stay, or to release information about you, except with your permission.  We are careful to respect your privacy and control.

You are in control of ID requirements for your staff, visitors, and companions.  Cryptonyms and protocols for reciprocating bona fides are welcome.

Your Security Staff and Equipment

In many facilities and states, there are overly simplistic or vague policies regarding weapons, with risks of suddenly triggering pernicious spotlight-visibility and legal problems.  We will coordinate with you in advance to enable your legitimate security, while protecting you from volatility and uncontrolled variables.  We can enable discreet, comfortably spacious, and properly equipped (with sufficiently sized safes) facilities for your CPD/PPD personnel.

Most urban hotels and hospitals prohibit the carrying or holding of weapons, regardless of proper permits, except by law enforcement. Not all prominent individuals who are under threat can afford, or would be able to live calmly, with off-duty law-enforcement officers for 24-hour protection. Merely obtaining the approval for a legitimate situation can create such exposure that he entire process is obviated. We will make sure that you maintain your lawfully rightful defenses, without staying in a facility wherein a single glance of a security camera could trigger a series of events culminating in an extremely high-visibility, irrecoverable disaster.

This is an issue wherein we protectively respect the heroes who keep everyone else safe. For example, DIPSEC protocols, US federal officers, and international laws theoretically are protective in response to an incident, but an independently traveling US friendly agent from a non-friendly nation would face a disaster if there ever were an incident that would identify his or her Western-supportive morals. We welcome coordination with handlers and federal escorts, with no questions asked once the basic criterion of lawfulness is somehow validated by your preference of methods or by your US federal contact.

Coordinated Short-Term Security

With advance notice, we can make relevant arrangements if you would like to have us coordinate with licensed armed security. This is one advantage that we can provide above many hotels and outpatient recuperation facilities. All applicable laws and licensures must be upheld, except within statutory diplomatic privileges of a non-hostile nation, and only with limited availability of premium-priced detached houses. Additional federal endorsement with verified identities and licenses would be required if you need to stay in a sensitive area, particularly during a high-security alert, especially in Manhattan.

During Medical Care or with Complex Disabilities

You maintain your control over your security, including firearms, so that you do not further compromise your security during the time when you are already in a state of compromised vulnerability.  You are also welcome to maintain armed security under your control.   Sustain your leadership with external meetings and events, while accompanied by

  • an assistant (a loyally discreet nurse, who offers enticing features to help divert eyes from noticing any maladies of yours),
  • a professional advisor (your countersurveillance-expert, who seems to have a pattern of reporting within a couple of weeks that there has been an abandonment by adversaries of any subversion efforts to exploit the client's weakened state), and
  • a suit-adorned chauffeur (an armed paramedic or a covert parajumper, under your control—among the many unique resources available to you by unpaid referral from your supportive concierge).

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