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For the first time, as of 2018, we have decided to expand our presence gradually to OTAs for relevant hospitality services. Please call a senior concierge/manager for friendly and assiduous cooperation.


Special security procedures are required in McLean.
We therefore endeavor to exclude our services in McLean from public travel databases.

Awkward Travel Searches

For routine, independent travel of most members of our core markets, there usually is no special resource for where to stay. Our niches are largely comprised of sophisticated, heavy travelers who often start their searches the same way as consumers: via online travel agencies.

Despite the often generous budgets of their investment banks, defense contractor handlers, and celebrity managers, they are relegated to duct-taping together a convoluted set of awkward steps for what ultimately is a vulnerability-laden travel experience.

Elegant Solution

We are able to provide unique services to fulfill the needs of niches of premium-level frequent business travelers who otherwise face insufficiencies with OTAs—irrelevant to the long lists of check-boxes of simple criteria—and face awkward explanations to personal-service TAs of sensitive complexities.

Symbiotic Opportunities

Large percentages of members of our niches reserve via OTAs, due to a variety of esoteric reasons that are unrelated to any of the usual marketing attractions of OTAs.

Members of our core markets routinely attempt to find suitable lodging by awkwardly applying indirectly correlated criteria in their searches.

Our experience is that no market manager with whom we have spoken has ever previously heard of these esoteric motivations in our markets. Powerfully profitable opportunities are untapped by most OTAs.

A symbiosis pertains to us with OTAs.

  1. We generate clients via the OTA's excellent search-engine presence. Most reservations with us via online travel agencies are the result of general Web searches for us by name or rare keyword descriptions. Others search for elusive hotels that at offer partial fulfillment (of what we offer comprehensively) by selecting potentiating combinations of checkbox features.
  2. We provide a unique resource for high-end travelers who will not stay somewhere else if they cannot reserve us on an OTA site. A typical discovery of us on an OTA, whether via search-engine results or via indirect combinations of criteria, provides the respective OTA with an extremely high-volume, generally price-insensitive customer.

Our business model is analogous to that of casinos, wherein hospitality is a cost center. Please click here for elucidation. This model enables your customers to have receive five-star-plus services at reasonably cost-effective rates, although we also acknowledge that our rates normally are higher than most other five-star ADRs in each respective region. Gambling activities are obviously not included with most OTA or GDS listings, but the hospitality services of casinos are prominent aspects of commissioned travel sales. Many of our professional service are not relevant to OTAs, but OTAs are nevertheless able to fulfill important demands of customers via our listing.

Loyal Client Care

Some hotels try to shave commissions in their consumer commodity of selling rooms. Our parent business pertains to subcontracted professional services, particularly on behalf of transactional attorneys. Like a lawyer representing a client and appreciating the referrer, we focus on serving our clients' interests foremost; meanwhile, we endeavor to fortify diplomatic respect for the intermediary who brought us the client.

Specialties for Niches