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Coordination with Medical Providers

Explanations, Protocols, and Policies

General Summary and Introductory Concepts


Coordination with Licensed Healthcare

Duly licensed facilities, equipment, and personnel are coordinated in compliance with all pertinent specifications.

We cannot advise you on the suitability of your treatments.

Based on your preferences on your behalf, your medically oriented concierge shall coordinate professional specialists in support of the excellence and discreet compartmentalization of your care, within legal limits of such coordination. Non-disclosure and associated agreements protect your confidentiality and other interests.

We provide discreet business, personal, off-book hospitality, and proxy coordination services in contracted facilities, and we are willing to support you in locating facilities that meet the non-medical specifications given to us, but additional costs should be expected. Legal restrictions apply to facilities and services. We can only work in coordination with your legal and medical advisors. Legal requirements often prohibit arrangements with lawyers, medical providers, and medical facilities of indirect billing through us. We therefore could provide coordination assistance with no compensation to us by any means, as a matter of maintaining long-term goodwill with you. Our normal policies apply, along with additional restrictions and conditions. Please contact us for more information.


Substantial Professional Fees Will Apply

No Participation by Us

Because hospitality services are provided on a customized basis at outsourced facilities, some forms of medical services are mandatory. At a minimum, a professional consultation is required for every client with Comfort or Enduring Executive hospitality. The consultation is exclusively limited to short-term matters relevant to your travel with us, and does not substitute for routine medical care and disorder-related tests. Just as all of our services are premium specialties not intended for value-oriented consumers, medically coordinated are only suitable for those who are prepared to incur relevant costs.

As a matter of responsible care for you, providing you with optimal customization for your health and disability-accommodating safety, we would be required to cancel services if medical supervision were to be declined against medical advice or if a consultation were to be refused. If you do not need medical care or nurse-assisted disability assistance, please select from one of our standard hospitality services, or seek hospitality from a traditional hotel. If you do not need medical care or nurse-assisted disability assistance, please select from one of our standard hospitality services. If this is not acceptable to you, and if you already reserved services, please contact us during the free cancellation period, or within three days of booking, whichever is later, for a full refund for all non-applied remittances, and free local chauffeuring at our cost to wherever you locally specify.

We respectfully remind members of the general public that many luxury hotels mandate fees for services for which we do not charge, such as resort fees, despite our sponsored access to extraordinary premium amenities, combined with complimentary chauffeuring or free parking, and despite how such unavoidable fees of luxury hotels often aggregate to more than what a professional charges.

No Compensatory Participation or Bundling

Fees are for executive services, relevant countersurveillance, and luxury hospitality, focusing on productivity and privacy.  You pay for all medical services, equipment, and treatments separately.  Any medical services are separately charged by the providers.  There are no surcharges or commissions paid between medical providers and us.  Any expenditures for medical services (including those of a nurse or physical therapist), equipment, or supplies on your behalf are subject to reimbursement, without surcharge or commissions to us.  Although clients and medical providers appreciate us a valuable resource to traditional med spas, we are merely supporting your personal custom wishes.

Affordability of Premium Services without Insurance

Our standard procedures involve presenting you with options, from which we then follow your directions—and not obligating you to incur substantial expenses without your consent—but there would be little functionality in our abilities if you do not have sophisticated financial and/or infrastructural resources.

Services are not aligned with those who are reliant on medical insurance. We do not participate in health-insurance matters.  We foremost strive for excellent care, but there are always sensitive non-medical complications; our involvement would not be needed by someone who would be content with public health standards and/or other mass-market resources. We are not relevant for those who are aligned with standard consumer postures and customs—insurance, conveniently local care, and the ability to rely on standard patient confidentiality. Depending on circumstances, services are preferably sought from top-tier research-level physicians, from military physicians at military hospitals, or primarily by private/corporate/concierge physicians.

To provide a pithy example of the markets for which we are aligned, the concept of medical air transport is relevant. Our normal assumption is that you would have access to, or would somehow be willing and able to arrange for, a private or governmental/military jet, if there were a serious need for an air ambulance. Many insurers pay for air transportation for critical emergencies and other involuntary circumstances, but they certainly would not be involved in covert extractions from unfriendly territories, arrangements that involve secrecy to prevent corporate or political hostile instability, or transport to a research facility for treatment that exceeds usual and customary medical standards.

Health monitors, medical care beyond the non-medical functions of a licensed vocational nurse, medical supplies, and medications are not paid by us and do not offset the fees we charge. Because the accommodations are provided at a VIP-enhanced unit of a medically licensed facility, some forms of medical services are normally mandatory.


Our Efforts on Your Behalf

Your concierge will compartmentalize a small team, maintaining a protective stance for tight confidentiality and in support of your successful recovery.

We rapidly and vigorously push for intensive world-class private and researcher-level resources, striving for the ultimate in medical teams who are focused on you—not just passively relegating you to mass public resources. We obviously don't provide medical services ourselves, and we endeavor to implement your preferences without second-guessing you, but these situations are coordinated by a concierge/handler who indeed is formally trained in certain field responses.

While you are undergoing treatments and recovery, we combine the luxury and private attention of med spas and surgical recovery retreats with procedures of compartmentalization and countersurveillance typical of top-caliber military hospitals for their care of dignitaries.  In coordination with licensed medical facilities and professionals, we support your sustained productivity, secure communications, discreet transportation and supportive accompaniment for meetings and events, leadership, and 24-hour comfort.

Reservation Methods and Policies

Due to restrictions on detailed explanations, custom complexities, and agency-imposed policies that mismatch with our health-related specialties, most health-associated benefits are excluded from reservations that are placed via most online travel services that are publicly accessible. By reserving directly, you receive all maximum benefits, maximum flexibility, and a perpetual guaranteed to have the continuously lowest rate.

Coordination in Advance

Each occasion of service is custom.  Services associated with healthcare especially necessitate preparations in advance.

Regardless of whether you reserve directly or indirectly, regardless whether you reserve online or by phone, and regardless of any dismissive assurances by travel intermediaries, coordination in advance is necessary, with at least a brief introduction to your preliminary preferences, no later than within one day of placing your reservation or lease (and two hours for services scheduled to begin within a week).  A medically oriented concierge awaits hearing from you, 24 hours.

Please click here for an introduction to policies that are not specific to coordination with healthcare.


Dignitary Discretion does not provide medical services. Dignitary Discretion provides business services, executive services, and luxury hospitality—which can be coordinated with healthcare providers in licensed facilities. Services are for prominent individuals who face privacy risks and/or who must maintain professional activities during recuperation. Services must not be in conjunction with any of the following:

  • a medical emergency;
  • a malicious, involuntary, or life-ending treatment;
  • transplantation;
  • illegality in the US or a relevant US-friendly jurisdiction;
  • chemical addiction, anxiety, or psychosis (in consideration of some of our niches that tend to attract complications of false perceptions);
  • major surgery (other than non-complicated recovery from outpatient cosmetic surgery); or
  • circumstances under risk from critically labile conditions.

Dignitary Discretion personnel are not recruited, trained, licensed, or compensated for exposure to clients with infectious diseases.  Therefore, no services are provided to clients who have indications of possible respiratory or other airborne infections, and clients are required to inform all physically present personnel of any other potential physical risks in advance.  Associated self-protections shall be reimbursable.


Coordination with Healthcare

Service Packages


Primary Domestic Locations

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