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Payment Methods

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  • Fortified Privacy Protections

    We encourage attorney trust accounts as an excellent method of payment. Attorney coordination enables a variety of excellent protections that are otherwise unavailable. We welcome the opportunity for service under supplemental attorney agreements.

    Ancillary to the primary benefits relating to attorney-client privilege attorney trust accounts are provided with payment privileges. Deposit requirements are waived, assuming sufficient funds exist with the attorney's holdings for you. Payments are tentatively deemed to have been successfully cleared upon receipt, thereby enabling urgent services with comparative convenience.

    Attorney Trust Accounts
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    Separate Authorization upon Reserving
    Regardless of whether You Have Submitted a Card via a Travel Service

    An online form must be completed to sustain rates and services,
    with payment in full clearing within five days of reserving and prior to arrival.

    Please do not rely on presumptions by travel sites of standard payment policies.

    Cordially Welcoming New Clients
    Important, Time-Sensitive Requirements if Charging to a Card
    Manifestations of Counterinfiltration Protections
    Although standard charge cards are among the most porous of all major financial instruments,
    travelers who are not yet acclimated to compartmentalized confidentiality often remain comfortable using them.
    Please click here for important instructions if you wish to pay with a debit, credit, or prepaid card.
    Important, Time-Sensitive Practicalities
    Countermeasures to the Exposures  Inherent to  Ordinary Credit Card Records

    Please click here so that you are not taken by surprise
    with the extraordinarily protective methods that are applied.

  • Checks

    Payment via business/entity checks, personal checks, cashier's checks, and money orders are welcomed. With the potential exception described below, funds must be drawn on a US bank.

    We are happy to provide corporate billing for US PMCs, and for approved entitles based in Virginia, from which a corporate check could be mailed and cleared prior to the commencement of services.

    Third-Party Checks

    We understand that sophisticated, ethical circumstances can arise wherein the ability to endorse a legitimate third-party check can be beneficial. Arcane civil situations can cause temporary complications with business banking, and there are many indirect manipulations by which adversaries can infiltrated bank records. Checks payable to businesses, and other relatively sophisticated situations pertinent to our clients, are outside the domain of low-end consumer venues.

    Faithfulness in Our Ethical Clients
    To prevent opportunism by non-clients who would tempted to abuse our trust, submissions of third-party checks must be thirty days in advance of respective services, and cannot be applied to both the fees and any applicable deposit.  Third-party checks are only accepted from existing clients.

    Special Arrangements

    Subject to Approval

    For amounts of more than ten thousand dollars, with services commencing after more than thirty days, the payee may be an attorney, an attorney trust account, or real estate holding company; case-by-case approval is required, and reimbursement of legal fees may apply to attorney payees. Likewise, for amounts of more than the equivalent of ten thousand US dollars, with services commencing after more than thirty days, funds may be drawn on an approved non-US bank in a country that is an ally of the US, subject to case-by-case approval and reimbursement of related expenses.

  • Between Private Bank Accounts

    Funds of any amount can be wired into a bank account in the U.S. For routine, domestic wire transfers, we pay for the basic fees that you incur, as well as for our receipt. For international transfers, we credit you for the full value, based on the exchange rate identified to us via our sending bank for the particular transaction.

    Cash Services Worldwide

    As a partial payment as an adjunct to some other form of payment (such as a credit card), amounts of less than three thousand dollars can be sent via cash wiring services.  These services are occasionally applicable within our niche markets, such as those who have not yet engaged attorney assistance in establishing more convenient asset protections.

    Immediate Settlement

    Particularly useful for services that are scheduled to commence on the same or following day, BTC payments can be cleared upon the completion of the transaction.

    We suggest using a fully automated wallet service for the benefits of immediacy, security, and reliability. Some of these wallets are administered by duly licensed banks in the US and UK, and many others are offshore institutions. Many offshore wallets enable you to establish your account and to perform transactions instantly. Either way, most wallets enable you to transfer specific amounts from whatever long-term method you prefer.

    Have you never previously used Bitcoin? Private, Friendly Assistance

    We'll provide you with personal, step-by-step assistance.  Friendly, private assistance, with you in control, is freely available day and night.

    You can reliably have your first transaction completed within one business day, or even immediately.

    Peerlessly Valuable Benefits Bestowed by Dignitary Discretion A Straightforward Example

    Our no-extra-charge, personally consultative Bitcoin guidance provides a straightforward example of how we peerlessly benefit our clients with valuable sophistication, all as functions of our uniquely comprehensive and powerful umbrella of protections.

    Empowering you with step-by-step guidance under which you maintain control and independence, a specialist shall personally guide you: formerly a M&A investment banker for one of the largest financial institutions in the US, with competence and ethics demonstrated by an array of licenses and extensively pre-investigated specialty US federal approvals, now a senior concierge for Dignitary Discretion and an executive consultant for our associated Business Catalysts services

  • Online Payment Services
    Retainers • Refundable Deposits
    International Payments

    PayPal is primarily relevant to the following types of payment:

    1. refundable deposit/retainer paid by Discover Card™,
    2. for credit cards with billing addresses outside the US, and
    3. for payment via PayPal™ account funds.

    If any of the above would be relevant to you, please inform your concierge, who will coordinate with accounting personnel. An invoice will be sent to you, from which you can securely enter your payment on PayPal™. No credit card information is sent to us.

    PayPal is a registered trademark of PayPal, Inc. Discover Card is a registered trademark of DFS Services LLC and affiliates thereof.

    Other Payment Processors
    Prepayments More than Six Weeks in Advance

    For Island Enclaves, or if you are a non-US client who is paying the equivalent of more than three thousand US dollars for applied fees, we would also welcome your request for a custom arrangement via a different payment service.

  • Prepaid Merchant Accounts   Gift Cards
    Payment Services

    As partial payments of less than five hundred dollars, gift codes to many major retailers can be provided to us as payment. The most common scenarios involve gifts received for inapplicable merchants, and relocations away from merchants where gift cards had been purchased. Major online (particularly Amazon) and nationwide brick-and-mortar retailers are generally acceptable.

    Amazon.com is a registered trademark of Amazon, Inc., with which we are not affiliated.

  • Business

    For Executives and Financial Professionals

    Custom arrangements are available for good-faith business confidentiality and for lawful accommodation of sophisticated financial professionals.

    International Transactions

    Unless you specifically request an international transaction, payments are received and processed in the United States. The following limitations would apply to foreign receipts and processing of payments.

    1. Value must be readily transferable.
    2. US lawfulness must be upheld. Any refunds are customarily transacted in the country of receipt. Proceeds are generally used for foreign expenditures.
    3. The country or countries of jurisdiction of the asset must be free, not unfriendly towards the US, and without materially unstable economics or politics.

Mitigated Risk Exposures

Customary credit card transactions in hospitality can cause
serious repercussions by revealing your actual hotel name and/or your actual dates of travel.

Submission Policies
Must Clear within Five Days of Reserving  and  Prior to the Commencement of Services
Applicable for All Reservations Please do not rely on presumptions of standard policies by online travel services.
Good Faith In response to curiosities of those who are unfamiliar with our niches,
but not to offend our loyal clients who indeed provide legitimate payments
No on-Site Transactions Safehouse Paradigm We do not operate front desks.
New Clients Examples of Readily Convenient Resources
Credit Card If you have forthcoming business travel with sensitive confidentiality, you can benefit from the convenience of a credit card, without compromising your card records. If you would like to use a credit, debit, or prepaid card for a method of payment, please click here.
Attorney Trust Account Competent arrangements can be rapidly established, even if you have forthcoming travel.
Bitcoin If you have never used Bitcoin, we can provide friendly, private guidance—while you remain in control—and you can easily make your first transaction on the same day.
Corporate Invoicing Especially if you are a PMC principal, a corporate account can be enabled within hours of your request.
Explanations, Summarized Terms, and Conditions Please scroll to your right, and please click on the relevant topics.