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Access under Your Control


Screening and Escorting

By default, unless you instruct otherwise, all visitors are personally greeted in an external building lobby, and are escorted to you only after you provide permission.  We shall follow any instructions of yours for requiring proof of identity.  If the keeper/senior concierge or an externally contracted security guard is present, we welcome instructions from you for metal-detecting wands and article inspections. 

Unless you instruct otherwise, the servant on duty shall await the impending departure of a visitor outside of closed doors, and, upon your contact via the wireless intercom, shall escort the visitor outside the building. Any requests for a taxi shall be fulfilled while awaiting your beckon call, or via the servant's mobile phone after escorting the visitor outside of your closed door.



Separate Servant's Quarters

A servant or specialist is always immediately available in separate quarters, awaiting your beckon call.  Servant's quarters are separate from your dwelling, except when personally attending to you in accordance with your wishes.  As separately described, servants are locked out of your dwelling areas, except when you physically grant them entry.  The designation of two or more bedrooms in a multi-bedroom Executive Luxury package references your private domain.

Hypothetical Exceptions

The traditional excuses of access in the event of emergencies are preposterously loose; if there ever were a genuine emergency, such as a fire, firefighters or other officials could simply break down doors and deliberately activate any alarms—as with any private residence.

Regardless, entry may theoretically occur in the event of a reasonably perceived valid emergency or legal circumstance. Examples:

  • In the event of default of payment policies, after attempting to contact you, leaving relevant messages, and attempting to locate you, we theoretically could have the unfortunate duty of entering on a subsequent day. Under that lawyers' scenario, which would not be typical of our high-end market, perhaps there could have been a nonperceived emergency, such as if you had suddenly left or had become incapacitated.
  • If an urgent maintenance issue were to arise that reasonably could significantly jeopardize your safety, comfort, or resources, we would apply reasonably diligent attempts to contact you by phone and/or in person.  If a temporary delay would be harmless, we would reasonably attempt to comply with known scheduling requests of yours.  Only a manager or owner would have a key, and workers would not be permitted to linger anywhere without direct visual supervision, prohibiting unnecessary viewing or touching of any possessions of yours, especially steering as far away as reasonably possible (particularly keeping doors closed) from any reasonably visible electronics or documents.

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