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Maintaining Consistency of Service Packages Nationwide
Boutique Specialties Each service package enables custom sophistication for respective niche complexities. The relevant benefits of each respective service package are generally consistent chain-wide.

To facilitate the effectiveness and versatile customizability of respective specialties,
the service package—more significantly than the locale—
primarily determines the details, functionality, and general caliber of facilities at which services are provided.

For example, completely unrelated types of lodging, facility amenities, and environments apply respectively with the packages of Rabbit Hole Refuge and Executive Sovereignty.

Only the localized enhancements are detailed on the respective pages of each location.

The major services and features of each package remain consistent, regardless of the city where you are staying, except as otherwise detailed.

Despite our endeavor for package consistency, there unavoidably are some geographic dependencies.
Facilities, supplemental amenities, general types of venues for lodging, and fixed amenities vary based on multiple factors. Please click here for more information about geographic variations and intrastate legal limitations.

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Continuous Safehouse Adaptations Sustained Top-Tier Services

Mission-critical responses include US, UK, and/or Israeli concepts of protecting and facilitating a lawful high-value asset ("HVA"), excluding restricted means and blind assets. Client requirements and other terms apply. Before or upon placing a reservation, please coordinate with a concierge for details, to individualize services in consideration of your priorities, and to endeavor to adapt to any special circumstances of which you inform us.