Rabbit Hole Refuge by Dignitary Discretion
Dignitary Discretion
Rabbit Hole Refuge by Dignitary Discretion
Budget-Friendlier than Our Standard Services  but Still with Many  Extraordinary Protections for Your Business Confidentiality Self-Sustained Compartmentalization
Rabbit Hole Refuge uses outsourced corporate housing
Protectively Confidential Specialties  for  Sophisticated Niches
Corporate Housing  and  Privacy-Protective Benefits
Exceptionally Extensive Services Categorically Surpassing Customary Corporate Housing Extending a Blanket of Off-Book Confidentiality
Supplemental Amenities Complimentary Benefits Accessible via Complimentary Transportation
 Structured to Fulfill the Specialized Preferences of Niches of Business Travelers  who are Comfortable with the  Rigors of Sustaining Compartmentalized Confidentiality Dignitary Discretion provides specialty hospitality,
uniquely serving honorably sophisticated niches with compartmentalized confidentiality.
Rabbit Hole Refuge is a sub-specialty service that caters to even narrower niches.

Empowering Your Independence

Food, Wine, and Liquor All Free • All Custom • Anonymously Delivered • Upscale

Complimentary Self Catering

Please liaise with us, beginning no later than the day of placing your reservation, to collaborate regarding your favorite types of food, varietals of wine, and types of liquor. Deliveries of groceries and/or prepared meals primarily depends on the duration of your services.



Confidentially Outsourced

Locally individualized corporate housing supports location confidentiality with important resources for business independence.

In accordance with concepts of low-profile safehouse travel, facilities are outsourced, without identifying the Dignitary Discretion name to the local providers, and specific facilities are not identified in advance. Concepts of quality specifications and satisfaction guarantees are adapted for reassurances.

Please click here for more information about the facilities paradigm, structured for protective compartmentalization of information.



Budget-Friendlier than Our Standard Services

Most of the hospitality services described throughout this Web site are based on Signature or Executive Luxury, and thus are reduced for Rabbit Hole Refuge. Services for RHR are generally applicable only on the pages designated for RHR.
Not Generalized for Customary Travel
Services are not generalized for simplistic procedures, business efficiency, consumer affordability, or ostentatiousness.


The specialty corporate housing of Rabbit Hole Refuge involves coordinated outsourcing with local hospitality.

Housekeeping for RHR is an alternative to our standard services. With a regularly priced Signature package or any package of the Executive Collection, we have greater control over housekeeping, not letting housekeepers inside without your presence, and not using a pool of workers.

We understand how cleanliness is important for feeling comfortable. You have us as a 24-hour resource. If there is an issue, please merely contact your Dignitary Discretion concierge, who will take responsibility for making sure that a solution is implemented. If there is a troubling issue, and if the local provider cannot rectify the issue promptly, your concierge shall arrange for independent housekeeping services, or provide a clean alternative.



Clandestine no-credit-check corporate housing
Welcoming You with Your Opportunity to Move Forward

Promotions and Rates

Specialties for Niches


We do not provide legal advice or guarantees of compliance. Within parameters that we regard as lawful, prudent, and secure, we endeavor to fulfill your instructions.