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Covert Untraceable Transportation

Unlimited 24-hour chauffeuring is complimentary for you, as our primary client, normally anywhere you want to go.

Amenity Enhancements

For Productivity, Privacy, and Relaxed Contentment

You will normally be chauffeured limitlessly 24 hours in spacious, amenity-enhanced luxury.  With regularly priced packages of the Executive Collection, while en-route, we endeavor to provide you with comfort and productivity with the following unlimited, complimentary amenities:

  • encrypted broadband Internet with a hidden, full sine-wave boosted antenna for superior reception and sustained security;
  • your preference of Blu-ray movies (when you make your reservation, please call your concierge to tell him whatever you would enjoy the most so that he can order the respective movies at least five days in advance of your arrival) with the big LCD screen and audiophile-grade noise-canceling headsets and;
  • upscale custom food and beverages.

With at least one week's advance notice, we welcome your preferences of supporting your productivity with connections of your laptop:

  • an encrypted Ethernet router for greater security and reliability;
  • a power inverter for sustained A/C power (there are power limitations of passenger trucks, but the large V8 SUVs can usually power a small network of laptops and accessories);
  • a portable color printer to prepare for presentations; and
  • an LCD screen to use as a second monitor (positioned with a low trajectory to mitigate potential compromises of visual surveillance by incidental or adversarial vehicles).

Amenity enhancements do not apply to specialty-vehicle outsourcing, specially discounted packages, or services wherein payment in full had not yet cleared at least a week in advance. Most special requests, satellite, different wireless carrier, international, or other special expenses that you request for equipment or services would be subject to reimbursement, but the internal technical administration would be complimentary.


Introductory Anti-Surveillance and Countersurveillance

Inconspicuousness to Avoid Targeting

Transportation is one of the many awkward and unwieldy realms of countersurveillance. Obviously, this is not a forum to delve into starbursts or stale greens, and improvising with variables should be frequent, lest the techniques themselves become counterproductive.  For the sake of avoiding disappointments of not being chauffeured in a shiny black limo with party lights, we should at least mention the fundamental concept that we mitigate needless conspicuousness and anticipatory compromises of the transportation configurations that are distinctively predominant in HVI (high-value individual) transportation.

With some variability, especially under special circumstances and with special requests, we normally drive visually inconsistent, reasonably unremarkable, unmarked SUVs.  In general, we discourage the vanity of externally ostentatious and other conspicuous vehicles, especially the following:

  • large black SUVs and large black sedans that are externally sleek and pristine;
  • stretched limousines;
  • most late-model Cadillac and Lincoln sedans (black or white) and SUVs (most colors) that are kept externally pristine;
  • antennae, supplemental lights, armor, and other practical accessories that are externally visible;
  • permanent markings (such as livery numbers, commercial decals, or paint damage), atypical plates, and coded permits; and
  • atypically utilitarian (such as a lack of hubcaps) or high-speed (rigid suspension) government configurations of particular vehicles.

Interiors, however, can be luxurious and sophisticated. We wish to support your safety, cleanliness (no odorous taxis or parent-of-a-sick-child consumer cars), and productivity.


Stretched Limousines for Airports

Some people who are under exposure risks decide to accept some vulnerabilities in order to show enthusiasm for business or personal travel companions by arriving in a stretched limousine.  If that is your informed decision, we will support you.

With advance notice by at least two business days, you are welcome to request complimentary outsourcing of a departure or arrival for a nearby airport via stretched limousine.  Exotic vehicles and some specialty vehicles are coordinated at no charge, but the actual costs would be borne by you.  Unless you are traveling via private aircraft and, in the case of international travel, have a diplomatic passport, we have progressively learned (now that we are working with the public) to caution against anything beyond an SUV or luxury sedan, under various circumstances, especially for New York.

We outsource stretched limousines. If you choose to have a stretched limousine, but if your flight is early, delayed, cancelled, or changed, you could incur inconvenience (waiting if early), expense (if the chauffeur needs to wait for you), or both (if the chauffeur needs to cancel due to delays).

By contrast, we can coordinate a luxury sedan while we monitor your flight, avoiding additional fees and reducing (but definitely not eliminating) the risks of ground transportation.


Advance Scheduling  • Long-Distance

During your stay—endeavoring to maximize the reliability of schedules, conveniences, and comforts for you—advance scheduling is particularly recommended—but not mandatory—for excursions lasting more than an hour.  Advance awareness of your schedules is anonymously compartmentalized under dissociatively parsed, multilayered encryption by your concierge.

Transportation outside of the local region is welcome, with advance scheduling of at least nine hours. If part of the round trip occurs outside of your currently scheduled duration of services, the currently published daily rate would apply, and usually last-minute rates are significantly higher than for reservations in advance.

In Unpaid, Loyal Care for You

Not in the Livery Business

No Fees for Transportation or Discounts without It

Transportation is wrought with imperfect variables, but our perspective of taking care of you is categorically different than customary commercial and consumer transportation. Our role is not to be a transportation provider, but instead to support your rightfully unhindered freedom, which can incidentally include transportation, along with countless other services. Our dignitary-style mission-critical philosophy is to be resourceful in fulfilling requests that you have, as either a goodwill complimentary gesture, or subject only to our actual costs.

Wait Times • Cancellations • Ancillary

The following transportation-related costs (whether via a transportation/delivery contractor, or directly incurred) are expensed as reimbursable:

  • cancellations and schedule changes within 24 hours,
  • individuals without the sustained presence of the primary client,
  • food, beverages, and other comforts;
  • enhancements/feature variations for security, technology, medically coordinated, disability/safety, youth, luxury, and/or other specialties;
  • drivers for security and other specialties;
  • ancillary, courier/errand, wait-time, and other non-provisioned time/services;
  • tolls and parking except as standard functions of airport transfers and at-location presence; and
  • other non-provisioned enhancements and services.

If charges are incurred for waiting times or other service modifications, those charges would be applied against your deposit at actual cost. If your arrival via a specific commercial flight is specified with your concierge at least three days in advance, he will monitor your flight number for arrival variations, thereby exempting you from the costs of associated waiting times due to delays.

Multi-Hour Activities
Typical Protocols for Arrivals and Departures

Because we endeavor to support your multivariate business and personal preferences, as opposed to being in the livery business, we normally do not wait in the vehicle for your conclusion of an activity. If you wish your team member to do so, we normally would endeavor to apply versatility in our support for you by accompanying you as a discreetly unobtrusive assistant, a host/hostess, or other capable role of your request. Otherwise, during your expected time away, we perform business, facilities, cuisine, and personal matters on your behalf or in preparation of your anticipated preferences. Members of your team may also use any free time for incidental personal sustenance/maintenance matters with the intent of presenting ourselves and our resources to you cleanly and energetically upon your beckon call.

Your Companions

Because each instance of chauffeuring is normally provided by an individual who happens to be on-duty supporting you at that respective time, chauffeuring is specifically for your benefit, as our primary client—except for up to three companions who are accompanying by you in the vehicle. We would be happy to coordinate taxi or rental services for guests at no charge. Any chauffeuring services provided apart from the free services provisioned for clients, such as a trip for a guest who only is accompanied by you during one way of a round trip, are subject to reimbursement at our actual costs for contracted services, or estimated costs for our own driving. (If you were not to need chauffeuring services, there would be no difference in the rates. The provision of chauffeuring alone should not be a primary factor for a client to choose to patronize our services.)

Restricted Availability

In the event of a disabled vehicle, resources related to transportation may be limited to availability via our standard vendors, marketplaces, and facilities. Local special events, interruptive weather, power outages, abnormal blocks on transportation routes (such as car accidents, road construction, and airport stoppages), heightened security, and other extraordinary circumstances may involve unpredictably long wait times. Wait times merely for ordinary taxicabs can require several hours, and luxury transportation should be expected to be comparatively tighter. Upon our expectation of an inability to perform as previously anticipated, we shall inform all relevant clients who are scheduled to arrive or depart during these times and who have provided advance notice to us of requiring transportation for such hub.

No Medical or In-State Non-Ground Transportation by Us

Sorry, but we do not pay for the costs of transportation by air, nor do we pay for transportation that is subject to healthcare-related statutes or regulation. Any coordination of any related transportation would be provided on a non-obligatory basis, in fulfillment of requests from you, under the arrangement that service costs would be at your expense, and that any associated liabilities would be your responsibility.

We do not launch, moor, or sell yacht charters in any US states where We arrange for hospitality.

No Assumption of Liability

We do not provide fee-based transportation services.  Any charges for transportation are direct reimbursements or prepayments for our actual costs.  Complimentary transportation is provided as a good-faith demonstration of goodwill.  We do not guarantee immediacy or reliability of transportation.  If you have lawful requirements or accessibility for transportation, we are happy to coordinate such services for you, and to apply lawful functions of confidentiality, at our actual cost.

We are not liable for injuries, death, losses due to delays or transportation problems, damaged property, unavailability of transportation resources at normal rates with normal efficiency, or thefts associated with any services or arrangements pertaining to transportation, parking, or destinations thereof.  If you do not accept these terms, we instead would be happy to reimburse you for the cost of a car rental for which you are solely responsible.  The reimbursement amount would be up to the same amount for a luxury vehicle that we show documentation as being quoted by a nationwide agency to us as an anonymous consumer.

Incorporation of Policies

Except as differentiated herein, all of the conditions, limitations of liability, flexibilities for contingencies, and other transportation provisions of Signature are incorporated into the terms of Executive Luxury and Romantic Sovereignty. Our general legal and moral policies sustain overriding precedence.


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