Your Ultimate Resource for Medically Coordinated
Recovery and/or Complex Disabilities

Anonymity Med Spa Secrecy and Luxury
Dignitary Discretion
Enduring Executive by Dignitary Discretion

Uniquely Broad Empowerment
 for the 

Pinnacles in Private Care and Robust Living

Ardently on Your Side

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  • Powerfully Protective Dignitary Protocols
    Your Unique Resource
    Mission-Critical Support for Your
    Stature  •  Security  •  Recovery
    Enduring Executive by Dignitary Discretion
  • Concierge Doctors, Cosmetic Surgeons,  and  Other Practitioners with Premium Private-Pay Patients
    For Your Patients and Our High-Profile, Privately Paying Clients Med-Surg Recovery
    Physical Rehab
    Complex/Intensive Disabilities

    Custom-Enhanced Annex Near You

    Solidly Licensed and Insured
    Expansively Broad beyond Anticipated Services
    Exceptionally Advanced Research-Caliber Equipment
    Globally Sourced Rentals with Vendor Showcasing
    Luxuriously Enhanced and Maintained
    Pristine to Relevant Reverse-Isolation Specifications

    Dedicated Single-Patient Team

    Attending 24 Hours: NP or Critical-Care RN
    Plus Always a PT, RT, Paramedic, PA, or Physician

    Not only do PTs provide extensively plentiful daily therapies, they discreetly (in business attire) accompany patients for their business and personal mobility. Even hospitality and janitorial services are primarily provided by sophisticated professionals, most of whom have had at least some field medic experience.

    Coordination Protocols and Policies
    Funded for Uncompromising Tx and Unhurried Private Care

    Extraordinary Liability Releases by Sophisticated Patients

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Your Dedicated, Compartmentalized Team

The Ultimate in Private Care

Dignitary-Style Dedication for Your Maximized Recovery and Sustained Functionality

Loyal 24-Hour Empowerment • Countersurveillance under Your Control
For empowerment over complex disabilities, and/or if you need non-infectious care during the pandemic, isolated specialists support only you--24 hours--away from inevitably risky physicians' offices and other medical facilities.

Your 24-Hour Exclusively Dedicated Team

Consulting the World's Top Researchers in Your Relevant Sub-Sub-Sub-Specialties

Public standards of "Medically Reasonable" or even "Excellence in Care" would be cavalier compared to the caliber of world-class researchers and precise research-caliber technologies that are tirelessly pursued. Services under Your Control, Coordinated with Our Support

Applying the ultimate in private service with a dedicated team, you will benefit from 24-hour sophisticated care, attending exclusively to you, providing executive services, ultra all-inclusive personal luxury, and knowledgeable coordination in support of your optimal medical care.

As explained by clicking here, this benefit is part of the 24-hour perpetually dedicated care bestowed with packages of our Executive Collection. Your nurses and executive assistant exclusively attend to you.

Parajumpers and HVA Package-Carriers

Parajumpers are the epitome of self-endangering, fast-lifesaving heroes—a spec-ops extreme version of paramedics. In addition to entering into battle theaters, contracted retirees are an important resource for foreign paramilitary operations, without referencing or carrying their official US identification: they must trespass and commit severely punishable crimes to hot exfil and then to cas-evac US field officers and contractors.) That kind of whatever-it-takes, unflinchingly loyal duty is in sharp contrast to the "I'm-not-comfortable-with-that" attitudes of most non-physician, non-military healthcare workers.

Parajumpers are world-renowned for their failure-is-not-an-option protection of high-value individuals, a posture that is coupled with rock-solid secrecy and tireless protection of you and your successful recovery. Their primary objectives are your successful recovery, sustained leadership activities, and secrecy.

Sweetly Caring Nurses and Enlivening PTs
Private 24 Hour Nurse for Secret Care
Carefully Subcontracted for Contentment and Care to Recovery

A parajumper's dedication is at the hero level of loyalty, but please don't expect him to fluff your pillows. We coordinate nurses for that. For the ultimate in dedicated thoughtfulness and nearly limitless resources for your optimal recovery and comfort, gently sweet caregivers are compartmentalized with no NTK about your identity or circumstances.

Your nurses will be sweetly caring, with cheerfully warm-hearted bedside manners for mood-lifting invigoration and encouragement back to strength. As a function of safety and care to keep you steady (particularly in the statistically risky activity of bathing or showering), and before the apathy of nurse burnout grows, most RNs and PTs are in their twenties: nimble, flexible, and fit. Most nurse practitioners are in their thirties, applicably educated with current medical knowledge. We would urgently seek to replace any RN or PT if you were not to regard her as extraordinarily proactive with thoughtful care.


Compartmentalization Secrecy

Professional-level members of your 24-hour dedicated team uphold relevant protocols of S-classified and TS//SCI.

Most tech and hospitality services are provided by contracted medics and specialists, whose Special Forces or similar field experiences demonstrated their ardent tenacity for secret protection of prominent leaders.

Other services are usually provided by US military medics who are characteristically undaunted by covert HVI duty in HZs, which means that almost no requests you could possibly make would be regarded as excessively difficult. Most of the self-imposed limitations for the efficiencies of public healthcare are abandoned. These professionals have been hardened with a sense of duty for compartmentalized secrecy, unfamiliar to the comparatively soft, civil-law orientation of civilian nursing and healthcare administration.

This benefit is adapted for healthcare coordination from among the benefits of all regular packages of the Executive Collection.
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Dignitary-Style Resources

Exceptional Facilitation of Rapid Recovery
Potentiating the Intensive Focus of Your 24-Hour Dedicated Team
Extraordinary Protections to Avoid Complications
Private Executive Healthcare during Travel

Extraordinary Benefits

Concierge Medical Care
Individualization, Terms, and Conditions Apply

Each occasion of Enduring Executive involves extensive individualization for your needs and preferences. Please provide as much notice as possible so that we can better coordinate and optimize your services for your needs. Rapid responses are possible but involve inconsistent luxuries.

Dignitary Discretion is a service of HT Assets LLC, which is not a medical provider. Dignitary Discretion provides business services, executive services, and luxury hospitality—which can be coordinated with healthcare providers in licensed facilities. Services are for prominent individuals who face privacy risks and/or who must maintain professional activities during recuperation, not in conjunction with medical emergencies, immoral procedures, infectious diseases, addictions, major surgery (other than non-complicated recovery from outpatient cosmetic surgery), or critically labile conditions. Antimicrobial and isolative protections are are intended to sustain health; personnel are not trained—and facilities are not equipped—for infections. Please click here for more information.

Additional limitations and conditions apply. Please click here for more information, and please contact us for custom arrangements.