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We uniquely provide you with sophisticatedly professional empowerment to facilitate your world-class recovery, focus-enabling comfort, compartmentalized confidentiality, and discreetly sustained leadership—integrated with many comforts of five-star-plus executive travel.

There are gaping vulnerabilities of HIPAA, rehabilitation center, or hotel policies.  We have directly observed how almost any socially sophisticated, motivated adversary can exploit readily accessible judicial, regulatory, clandestine, technical, human relations with staffers, social circumstances, and regulatory misapplications.

Dignitary Discretion can support your ability to receive exceptionally high-quality medical recovery with exceptional confidentiality. We surpass the inherent privacy protections of a normal spa retreat or medical recovery retreat with a paradigm specifically structured for serious confidentiality. 

The following are among the important benefits that we uniquely provide.

Many executive-travel situations involve
disability or health issues.

If you are a leader guiding a sensitive transition period, you know the danger of adversaries exploiting the vulnerabilities from vacuums of your direct and strong presence.  Frequent professions are government leaders, top executives, and investment banker.  We support your confidentiality before and during any reduced capacity.

We are honored to serve those referred to us indirectly by Agency OMS, US/UK PMCs, and any agency or military that of a non-hostile jurisdiction.  All policies of being USA/UK/Israeli-friendly are strongly enforced.  We welcome flexible subcontracting arrangements on behalf of US/UK PMCs, as well as high-profile individuals who are legally able to stay with us.

Different from any other publicly accessible chain of hospitality, we endeavor to maintain a structure of intensive confidentiality, benefiting high-profile individuals, world leaders, and business/financial heavyweights.

Each handicapped-accessible suite is specifically designed for individuals with disabilities or who are recovering from medical and surgical incapacitation, with the confidentiality of avoiding adversaries from exploiting temporarily weakened states. These packages are profoundly valuable among the following groups:

As morally motivated professionals who can apply specialized skills to enable discreet policies, we are eager to help good people, regardless of your public complications. We are excellent resources for discreet management of complicated crises, genuinely caring about you and being able to contend with realities for which most Americans would scoff as being unfair or impertinent.  Here are some examples.  We are not saying that any elements of the specific scenarios presented are based on actual occurrences, with changes to particular facts without changing the hypothetical ramifications.

Situational Examples

Heroic Goodness

We understand the extraordinary seriousness, moral duty, and even legal mandate to uphold your secrecy—categorically beyond any of the porous and weak laws regarding patient confidentiality. The nature of our clients from PMCs and referrals of trusted assets from US/UK/Israeli foreign officials means that we are unbreakably solid in preventing black bags, disclosures to potential soft targets, and cracks regarding injuries incurred in nations wherein officials consider themselves enemies of the US, Israel, or UK.

Many patriots who have endured some of the most stressful careers in the Free World have concluded their service with disability or the ultimate sacrifice. In the US, the most substantive recognition for some of those who gave their lives out of duty is merely an anonymous star on a limited-access, solemn wall in Virginia. Contractors do not even receive that symbolic gesture. In Vauxhall and Tel Aviv, many wounded or fallen servants are only remembered for their sacrifices in the hearts of their colleagues. Of deep pain among many in the Community are that the disabilities or deaths of contractors and foreign assets are often shrouded by undeservedly dishonorable covers that are then believed by their own family members.

First Example

A protective hypothetical handler would want to retain—not to toss a life apart with undeserved dishonor—a proven loyalist with SCI clearance. A member of our group is directly aware of the reality of the following scenario, occurring in South America: an asset demonstrated valuable fortitude by not succumbing to interrogation enhanced with coke (no, any kids reading this, not Diet Coke—and so much sugar every day would have forced his body to become accustomed to it). Diet Coke is a registered trademark of the Coca-Cola Company.

Anyone can get local treatment for bruises and burns, and rebound pain can be accommodated as needed. Anyone can get drug rehab, and opioids can be explained without compromising SCI. Most liability-wary physicians would permanently denote a permanent record with a tox-screen. Most would not take the time for a roundabout conversation, and would dismiss the IC tradecraft of doubletalk as being incoherence. The effects of immorality would be sustained by losses of clearances and sensitive duties, often with permanently spiraling exasperations.

A solution could be found with a retired Naval MD with TS//SCI clearance (now in premium private practice) who takes the time to comprehend some insinuations—not an indiscreet bureaucrat or a customary five-minute doc.  Once the burns of would be manageable, a hypothetical patient with TS//SCI clearance could go on vacation overseas, where the "civilian" could receive lawfully proper rehab. Customized payments can usually be accepted, with particular billing flexibility for unknown startups in the Falls Church/McLean area—so no insurance would have been needed.

Further Exasperated Example

The preceding hypothetical scenario could have otherwise involved a momentary misstep that would have needlessly trashed a life with dishonor, after surviving an act of inhumanity.  Here's another example on which general society would usually be quick to judge based on misperceptions, especially without an ability to defend oneself.

An SCI-cleared woman is hypothetically required to follow someone else's lead, and an improvised dangle/honeytrap is turned with a disgusting twist, with the righteously patriotic field officer emerging alive but with two treatable STDs and impossible-to-hide scars. Tests of her blood and long hair would continue to yield positives for controlled substances with slow half-lives. Options: lose her kids to a misguided social worker, file a false report with an aggressive LEO, lose her clearance…or ask for help from a unique service that believes in quietly helping with unusually complicated situations of good morality.  A few weeks later: no communicability, no addiction, some minimal grafting with merely slight scars that would be politely unquestioned as bad shaving mishaps, clearance intact, family intact, and well-deserved honor intact.  Of course, that's just a hypothetical scenario, and any combination of inspirations pertaining to multiple members of our team would have involved significantly changed details.

Legacy Inspired by Tel Aviv Wisdom

Our health-related services were largely inspired by a founding manager who had worked on a U.S. initiative to implement an excellent concept created, and refined over decades, by an Israeli agency.  He eventually joined our group due to indirect fallout from a disclosure based on a federal Release of Information Act judgment. Although the basic concept is revered in the IC for its reliable excellence, nuanced lessons were taught to our manager by a colleague based in Tel Aviv, and now you can benefit from the wisdom.  A governmental agency from Tel Aviv has developed a global network of resources for its officers, wherein relevant service providers and executives provide services anonymously to in-country officers.  One of the most vital services is emergency healthcare and related hospitality.

Because any requirement for bona fides would be self-defeating, we must allow blanket anonymity for basic consumer care.  Mitigating anyone's fleeting concerns, the relevant connections and perceptiveness of our managing concierges/keepers would cause anyone with malicious intentions to want to steer far away from us.

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