Dignitary Discretion

Geographic Limitations

We endeavor to maintain conceptual consistency worldwide for each respective type of service. However, there are variations in each locale, particularly with the specific lodging facilities.  Please click here to learn more about the locale that interests you, and please contact a concierge--day or night--for friendly and confidential customization of services based on your particular preferences.

To reduce exposures that we believe could indirectly lead to compromises of client confidentiality, we limit some of our services.

We do not earn fees for ground or air transportation in any locale in the United States. Complimentary chauffeuring is provided as incidental goodwill and a readily understandable example of incidental emotional convenience, but transportation is not intended or expected to be a primary motivation to obtain services from us. Our premium rates are earned for sophisticated business services and complex professional benefits, not proportionately reasonable for transportation. Primarily in support of concepts of countersurveillance-supported security during mobility, and secondarily in support of concepts of reducing chains of porousness in conjunction with regulatory recordkeeping, yacht charters are not arranged in conjunction with lodging in the same US state as a castoff.

We apologize, but no transportation services (ground, sea, and/or air) are available to clients who are residents of California or Florida. Additional state and local restrictions may apply.  If state or local limitations apply to you, your concierge would be happy to coordinate third-party services for your convenience.

Executive services are provided on a custom, non-packaged basis in Florida, in coordination with separately licensed vendors.  Although we would not consider ourselves to be in the business of customary vacation packages in any locale, we specifically do not provide vacation packages as governed by Florida statutes.

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