Your Loyally Private Team for Unhindered, Offshore Solace

Dignitary Discretion

Ardent Safety and Health • Extensive Privacy Protections • Executive Services • Carefree Sumptuousness

Loyally Serving Only You, 24 Hours

Stateside Fiduciary Proxy

Island Enclaves from Dignitary Discretion
Privately Dedicated Team Based in Nearby Quarters
Private Cruises by Dignitary Discretion
Loyally Private Crew Endless Contentment

Your Dedicated Captain Retired Special Forces and/or Foreign Affairs Loyally Dependable with Top-Secret Clearance

Your captain is trained and accustomed to complex situations at sea under covert conditions. Each captain has been the top commissioned officer of a vessel for the US, UK, or Israel. Pertinent to British or Israeli service, the specific clearance level may be effectively similar or higher.
Your Dedicated Crew Attends Only to You Stowed small craft are used for crew members to go ashore for supplies. You are therefore empowered with the freedom to choose to anchor without customs hassles, or to dock and to enjoy exotic locales. Some destinations offer tourist/free-trade zones around harbors for a paperwork-free change of scenery.

On Board  and in  Your Island Enclave Your crew luxuriates you endlessly, throughout your excursion, day and night.


First Mate as Your Personal Assistant

Cabin Rahab

Sweetly Pampering You in Luxury

Dedicated Cruise Hostess
Your Private Servants

Coordinated Personal Assistance

Whole-Hearted Confidentiality

Bask in serenity with the benefit of a loyal personal assistant who supports your routine business needs with incidental on-board secretarial assistance. She will coordinate with a fiduciary paralegal for land-based services.

Your Reliably Congenial Hostess

Your first mate will be loyally dedicated to following your lead as a safely sophisticated and consistently congenial hostess for any on-shore and off-shore meetings and entertaining.


Exquisitely Custom

Luxury off the Grid

Personal Gourmet

Whatever would make you happiest, 24 hours a day, savor

  • your favorite gourmet cuisines,
  • premium wines, and
  • brand-name liquors.

Past the Sunset

  • Indulge in unlimited Glenlivet™ 18 Year-Old Speyside Scotch or Beefeater™ 24 Year-Old martini joyousness.
  • Be tenderly fed chocolate covered-strawberries.
  • Experience the pleasure of picturesque pastries flown from coveted European bakeries.

Beefeater is a trademark of Pernod Ricard. The Glenlivet is a Scottish operating brand and trademark of Chivas Brothers Limited.

Before casting off, and via day-trips to shore (via small on-board craft), your first mate will stock all of your favorite foods and research recipes for delicate presentations.  With the yacht's small but gourmet-capable kitchen, she will carefully devote herself to preparing everything the way you like.

Yachtsman's Stateroom

Your first mate will soothe you to sleep each night with a calming massage. Separate masseuses provide couples' massages.

Stay healthy and comfortable, with your private head and cabin cleaned tightly every day at antimicrobial and hypoallergenic standards.  While you are above deck, your thousand thread-count sheets will be changed daily.

Yacht Cabin with Hostess