Benefits of Being an Established Client
Dignitary Discretion
Established Clients with Mutual Loyalty
Permanent Protectiveness with 24-Hour Resourcefulness
Your Cordial Welcoming
Special Announcement Top-Tier Services Remain in Full Effect Now with Uniquely Powerful Enhancements Specifically Targeting Exposures to COVID-19
Island Enclaves from Dignitary Discretion
Airdrops to Private Island
Confidential Island Locations Access to the Sovereign Collection Ultra-Private Locations • Restricted to Existing, Trusted Clients Vibrant Chambermaids Tested and Isolated for Three Weeks Prior to Serving You • Special Forces HVA Protector with TS Clearance (Ret.) Comprehensive Home Office with US MILSPEC TS-Caliber Encryption  •  Redundant Contingencies for Perpetuation of Health, Remote Leadership, and Safety
Five-Star-Plus Private Luxury beyond Dedicated Butler Service

Clients who Have Engaged Us Ten or More Times Appreciation for Clients who Represent Most of Our Reservations Offsetting the Rate Differences of Dedicated-Team Packages with Separate Villas
over Suspended Packages that Rely on Independent Service and Interior Corridors
We appreciate that most of our business derives from our core loyal clients. Rabbit Hole Refuge is particularly structured for those who are accustomed to the rigors of compartmentalized confidentiality. The independence of largely self-administered services enables substantially lower rates. However, we temporarily are only offering service packages with dedicated teams and separate villas, such as the Sovereignty packages. Meanwhile, our niches are especially comprised of those who must continue to travel at this time, and are dependent on our specialties for staying safe and healthy. In appreciation of the importance of our frequent clients, and to avoid significant increases in rates during a time when budgets are strained and health still must be protected, special discounts are being provided to existing clients who have loyally stayed with us and/or engaged business services on at least ten occasions, or who cumulatively have maintained engagements for at least four months.
Please call for details—and to optimize arrangements in consideration of your priorities. Benefits, limitations, and scheduling terms apply, varying based on your package of services and reservation specifics, but all arrangements are custom.

Established Clients with Mutual Loyalty

Once you are an established client with mutual loyalty, you will have the tireless resourcefulness of your Dignitary Discretion/CICLS handler, with professional specialties in business and counter surveillance that often surpass the known offerings of any other readily accessible commercial service.

Your concierge/handler provides you with 24-hour personal dedication and loyalty, without related hazard pay or other relevant compensation from HT Assets LLC. The one major criterion for this enhanced level of support is the reciprocation of the consistently upheld mutual loyalty. In particular, secrecy must be strictly upheld, lest a variety of severe risks could be incurred from third parties—particularly any self-serving dissidents, dishonest PIs, or other wrongful adversaries who are manipulatively targeting you.