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Trajectory for Mission-Safe  despite  Complicated Factors

Sermon Reports from a Now-Retired Deacon-Chaplain


Biblical Mission Protocols  for  Officers and Contractors who Surgically Support Peace and Liberty


Heroes under the Flax

Honorable Safehouses


Joshua Chapter 2 of the Holy Bible and Torah provides valuable intel.

Regardless of one's beliefs, nobody can debate that Jesus is the most widely exalted being whom the Earth has ever known.  He is viewed as a moral role model by both Christians and non-Christians.  Regardless, Jesus had to seek refuge in secure, remote, encampments amongst well-intentioned people who had been alienated as outlaws.  Jesus often had to travel covertly with His followers, often staying in hidden places.  Jesus maintained safety amongst his supporters while often traveling by night.  He established secret outposts, the exact locations of which were known only by His closest followers.

Evil has decimated many African countries, where peace-seeking Western Christians—including righteous aid workers—must hide in secrecy lest be subject to life expectancies that can be measured in hours or days. There are fortified UN camps and caravans, but many NOCs and contractors working in sensitive areas must be careful in covertness. Mere poverty is not the cause, as can be exemplified by other poor and rich countries in the region. On the western coast across from anarchy on the east coast, and surrounded by countries that are reeling from genocide, the beautifully peaceful Christian culture of Ghana thrives, despite heartbreaking hurdles to overcoming strife. In some wealthy oligarchies of the region, Jews and Christians of honorable intentions commit capital crimes for peaceful worship.

Extreme examples of heroes of modern history to whom we can look as role models, in what were more stressful situations, are those who hid the Jews in Nazi Germany. If we cannot handle the inconveniences of advanced technology and the discomfort of empowered narcissists who only intimidate with their mouths and paper, we have no measurement of strength compared to those who stayed strong in the face of overwhelming evil and indiscriminate execution.


Lifelong Loyalty, as Served in the Federally Faithful Judeo-Christian IC

NOCs as "Illegals"

We are taught throughout the Torah and New Testament to resist wrongful persecution, and we are advised that the most effective leaders doing good deeds are the people who are most prone to being individually targeted for persecution and tormenting by convergences of adversaries who are sophisticated and intensely motivated.

A modern example of those opposing forces is the heartlessness of using women and children as human shields. Some of our enemies exploit our ingrained sense of goodness. Cancer can be removed before further systemic damage with the surgical precision of paramilitary officers.

Some agents and rookies are conflicted about their official US duties while serving overseas. Many OGA officers accept realities of NOC field work with the colloquial label of being an "illegal." We all recognize the commonplace development of psychological disorders among career officers brought by the accumulation of cognitive dissonance from operations. One of the most frequent sources of confusion pertains to the Ten Commandments. Going straight to the Commandment that usually draws the most extreme response, soldiers are most impacted by thou shall not kill. Investing a modest amount of research into this inevitable aspect of official paramilitary operations provides important insight.

Applying careful translation, especially with Hebrew contexts of the time, there is a difference between "thou" [on one's own volition] and good-faith duly official orders. Warlords, terrorists, and insurgents decide on objectives based on their own their self-guided motives. Heroes apply intelligence and physical abilities to stop self-serving thugs—whether as a police officer on the street, or as a NOC officer overseas


The Way of Life  in the  Lion's Den

Lessons of Injustice

Applied to Modern Denigration

Jesus and Moses were both accused of evil crimes, but the impassioned defenses of truth by them and their followers were ignored. For example, based on the laws of a different governance, Moses was subjected to an undefended judgment of being guilty of the crime of being a criminal murderer of an officer; however, by God's moral laws, Moses was instead a virtuous hero who acted in the protective defense of a legitimately good person who was about to be executed unjustly by the officer.

Judeo-Christians, and particularly Judeo-Christian leaders, are taught to learn from Daniel's survival after being thrown into the lions' den.  A law was manipulatively legislated and then exploited for prosecution by government officials who were protecting their professional interests.

Jesus upheld perfect morals; nevertheless, He was pursued by legalistically manipulative Pharisees who twisted denigration from His good deeds (like healing) into bad. There was a hearing that would be akin to a three-party dispute found in many countries in various formats. Although officials tried to justify themselves by saying that Jesus was afforded with various judicial counterbalances, with what we would describe as similar to modern concepts of due process, presentations of evidence, and sentencing by peers, the evidence and testimonies against Jesus' were twisted around by the legalists.

Public Denigration

There was the potential for governmental intervention (a pardon that at least would have applied to the capital crimes for which He had been arrested, without addressing potential subsequent charges, such as taxes), but the populace loudly opposed it based on the dishonest reports announced by the ostensibly trustworthy Pharisees. This is akin to publicity via press releases and civil suits, suggesting criminality in the court of public opinion, before or without any criminal trial.


Dutiful Official Service

People will always find fault with any nation and any leader. An important differentiation is that the militaries and other foreign-affairs agencies of most Western countries do not have an agenda in randomly taking the lives of others in simply because of some ideological belief. We are defenders of our national security and of human rights. As imperfect humans, with imperfect intel, under imperfect conditions, there will always be sadness, regrets—and widespread criticism.

Like all of us as mere children of God, those who faithfully serve in the IC cannot always understand or like the overwatch determinations. Likewise, good plans of good commanders are subject to infinite variables, especially caused by fallible humans—and by freewill opposing forces that do not care about life, liberty, or the safety of innocents.

As mortals, we are modest servants of official duty, trusting in long-term complexities from the Shop, not straying from the reservation. As duly authorized officers, we must humbly and peacefully ask for forgiveness, and proceed in faithful official duty.

Through his duly elected church roles, after Secret Service and other clearances, this manager of Dignitary Discretion had the immense honor of serving President Reagan.