Dignitary Discretion
Practice Safe Social Distancing Sweetness

Applicable only with standard, regularly priced packages of the Executive Collection that are directly reserved/leased. Partial reciprocation of testing is provided on-site to clients for free. To mitigate the risk of false negatives, most evaluations are broad-spectrum, general analyses of basic indicators—not diagnoses of specific diseases. Limitations and conditions apply, but all services are custom, so please coordinate with a concierge in advance for details, and for individualization in consideration of your priorities.

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All of the same weekly benefits of Executive Luxury apply to Romantic Sovereignty,
plus additional delights—all sweetened for romance.

Your Loyally Dedicated Team The Ultimate in Private Service

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During the pandemic, local restrictions have been changing, but benefits shall be effectively upheld, weighted in consideration of your priorities, intended for an overall superior experience. Personal coordination is guaranteed to result in rates that are lower than any legitimate rates posted online. Your isolated team shall be at your beckon call, providing you with 24-hour business services, private dining, chauffeuring, and almost anything else you could possibly desire, usually for free.