Dignitary Discretion
A Warm Invitation for Loyal Clients
The French Kiss Experience

The French Kiss Experience

Sumptuous Romance for a Lifetime of Mood-Restoring Memories

Climactically Romantic Dinner

The night that you will remember for the rest of your life begins not in a crowded restaurant with awkward compromises and restrictive seats—but in the ultimate in romantic settings—by the fireplace or in bed—with gourmet delicacies served to you on fine china with white linen. The dress code is no shoes, no shirt, no…anything!

Private Entertainment for Your Dining Pleasure

For Your Dining Pleasure and Mood Enthrallment

Romantically Performing in Your Living Room Eliciting Overwhelmed Excitement for Romance Welcoming the Two of You to Experience Togetherness Uninhibitedly
Tenderly Romantic Harpist Warmly Beautiful Aria of Love Encouraged by Your Harpist's Adorably Amused Irish Smile
The Jazzy Romance of a Sizzling Torch Siren Delicate Exuding the Heartfelt Emotions of Lovemaking in Song The Nearly Lost Art of Masterfully Layered Tenderness in Vocals Lightly Accompanied Chamber Music Jazz

Whichever you choose (with advance notice), we'll make all the arrangements.

Cuisine of Dreams

A lavish five-course meal of gourmet delicacies, genuine Champagne, and genuine Burgundy will be exclusively comprised of your wishes.

We will coordinate in advance with the nearly limitless extensiveness of Las Vegas chefs and specialty boutiques to fulfill your fantasies of almost any tastes and presentations that would infuse romantic sentiment. Exotic, specialty, imported, and some other special requests for cuisines are subject to reimbursement.  Please click here for general policies.

Thrills at the Top

Be privately chauffeured in luxury to the Tower, for an exclusive VIP French Kiss Experience.

Once you begin to gaze at the Las Vegas Strip from the top of the Tower, and encouraging future delighted memories of the evening, your hostess will present a keepsake of a lavishly wrapped, indescribably (at least not here) exciting gift...

Your evening will continue to flow with inspiration...


Beyond Turndown Service

Back in bed, as the excitement approaches a crescendo, experience the connoisseurs' dream of L'Excellence, Courvoisier XO Cognac. Fine Parisian pastries will have been pre-ordered and imported based on your preferences.

Privacy Protections via Independence
We are neither affiliated with, nor licensed by, Paris Las Vegas, which is a trademark of Caesar's License Company. Courvoisier XO L'Excellence is a trademark of Courvoisier of Cognac, France, with which we are neither affiliated nor licensed.

Invitations for this experience are only offered to continual clients. There are no financial aspects to the entire evening. Hosted as a personal gesture of goodwill, the invitations are generally for married couples in the joy of committed loyalty, and are not transferable, nor are they extended to any additional companions of yours. A cumulation of four nights during two or more stays with any form of 24-hour dedicated service, a week or more of full-time business services, or five nights during a single stay of Romantic Sovereignty would generally be considered sufficient to be deemed a known client, provided that there have been no incidents of security breaches/illegality that were willfully or negligently caused by you, and no incidents of disloyalty by you against us any other party who had been reasonably loyal to you. An invitation may be decided by a lawyer of CIC Legal Services or a senior concierge of its Dignitary Discretion service.

Please click here for general concepts and policies of our goodwill hosting of leisure activities.

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  • Bypass social-media gossips and reporters who distress your beloveds and destroy joyousness.
  • Avoid dishonest process servers from exploding your well-earned desirable stature.
  • Styme unethical PIs from weaving together false portrayals, and from manipulating soft targets around you.
  • Prevent exposures to countless other sudden relationship annihilators.

Let's do it...

During the pandemic, local restrictions have been changing, but benefits shall be effectively upheld, weighted in consideration of your priorities, intended for an overall superior experience. Personal coordination is guaranteed to result in rates that are lower than any legitimate rates posted online. Your isolated team shall be at your beckon call, providing you with 24-hour business services, private dining, chauffeuring, and almost anything else you could possibly desire, usually for free.

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