Dignitary Discretion

Sending Your Love

Reassurances of Your Care and Wellbeing

Fine Chocolates for You and Shipped to Those for Whom You Care

Cutout Correspondent
We serve as cutout correspondents to protect your location confidentiality.

Confidential travel can cause loved ones to feel disconnected, so we provide a method for them to enjoy the warmth of your thoughtfulness.  Show them you care, while safeguarding the whereabouts of your location.

Each full week that you stay with us, a box of chocolates shall be shipped to anyone you specify, almost anywhere in the free world, accompanied by your handwritten note.  The awareness of your location shall be safeguarded from third parties and, at your discretion, from the recipients.  For warm weather, gift certificates to local gift merchants may be substituted.

We understand how confidential travel is profoundly isolating for the traveler, and your tight team personally cares about your wellbeing.  Each full week that you stay with us, you shall also receive a box of gourmet European chocolates that have been individually selected in accordance with your tastes.

To avoid melted unpleasantness during June through October in Las Vegas or the Coachella Valley, your team will coordinate with you for something else to enjoy.

These benefits apply to full weeks of regular hospitality.  Exclusions apply to Rabbit Hole Refuge and specially discounted packages. Our services are built on philosophies of unwavering loyalty, and therefore we will not send gifts to spouses at home for clients of Romantic Sovereignty; however, the thoughtfulness would be appreciated by mothers, children, and other relatives.

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