Dignitary Discretion

Same-Day Storage


Explanation for Limited Availability

Our packages of the Executive Collection inherently have a different structure of 24-hour dedicated accompaniment for your luggage, including a countersurveillance keeper to manage security. Some people who find themselves in the headlines for the first time, and unfamiliar with safehouse security, question why we cannot offer this seemingly basic convenience with all packages, especially considering our general realm of five-star luxury.

  • To protect your luggage from tampering, we would need to develop a two-person vault entry, akin to safety deposit boxes.  The permanence of a vault system violates a fundamental concept of non-exclusive safehouses.
  • We have a duty of protection of our other clients; our core markets include corporate, financial, and national leaders. To avoid risks of sophisticated and determined adversaries from using induction (a refusal would indicate that the high-profile target is indeed staying with us) or deduction (identifying which locations are inapplicable as a function of where we would allow storage), we must maintain consistency of this policy.
  • Fundamental safehouse concepts forbid a public lobby with a front desk.

Therefore, to avoid compromises of security—the most prominent reason for staying with us instead of a standard hotel—while maintaining less costly alternatives to the packages with dedicated staff and countersurveillance, there normally is no mechanism available for same-day storage before your arrival or after your departure.


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