Sovereign Solace
Dignitary Discretion Coachella Valley

Non-Casino Native American Land

Outside of the Competent Jurisdiction of Many Insidious Lawsuit Manipulators


Potential Refuge on Sovereign Land


A smart strategy could be to take refuge while building a defense against unethical denigration.


All of our services offer extraordinary protections of your off-book security. Upon request, to add a powerful dimension of independence, some aspects of Executive Luxury can be outsourced to a non-casino Native American reservation. Non-casino reservations, foreign embassies, and some United Nations locations are among the only domestic locations into which process servers and others generally face prohibitions from entering and are subject to jurisdictional invalidities.

Sadly, without the casino revenues, the reservations are relatively desolate. This arrangement is potentially available only on a custom case-by-case basis.

We do not mean to offend our honorable core clients by stating what is obvious to them, but we need to address those with misconceptions. The tribal leaders typically have similar concerns to ours, and therefore the primary task is confirming that you meet each of our client requirements. Please do not contact us for any reason unless you truly meet all of the client requirements (please click here). Sorry, but there can be no exceptions. Native American land can provide wonderful peacefulness, away from civil-law manipulation, but any attempt at illegal misuse would quickly fail, and would expansively cause harm to the tribe, to us, and to you.

Only your legal counsel can advise you on relevant matters of exposure mitigation. We welcome the opportunity to coordinate with your attorney.

This option only begins to be a potential alternative if you invest time in meetings and proposals. No online reservations or reservations via a travel agency would pertain to hospitality on tribal land.

Native American cultures are broadly respected for protective care of peace-enabling living things, and, here, that could reasonably be hypothesized to include All-American squirrels. Interim SH of good US OGA PMC squirrels for protections from predatory moles.
No cowboys or heat from bulging blue blazers, but otherwise generally policies are for no NTK.